Deng Chao Sings the 18th Golden Rooster Awards Theme Song


This year the Golden Rooster awards, China’s main film awards, is being hosted in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province. The host city is always unfixed, which   is actually very clever, because it helps boosts tourism around China, while inducing the cities themselves to help fund it.

Nanchang is also the home of best supporting actor nominee Deng Chao, one of my favorite actors, and he was appointed “ambassador” to the awards, which apparently involves singing the award’s theme song. The MV features the  old way of watching movies, decades ago, along with scenes in modern Nanchang.

Deng Chao – Zhan Fang (to blossom)

More about the Golden Rooster Awards, the nominations, and a vid of Deng Chao singing it live below. <3

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