Music Monday: November 12, 2013

O.M.G. let’s get this week’s Music Monday party started Party King (派对之王). The group is make up of L.E.D Duan Lian (段炼) and Tiger Zhu Chenyao (朱乘瑶). The guests for this party includes Girl groups Lotte Girls and Lunar, Boybands 0086 and HOPE, fierce female rapper Namigirl, and many more.
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New-ish Boyband 0086 release their first MV “BAHA”

Vampire pretty or Greek God pretty?

0086 finally released the MV for their debut single BAHA from their first self-titled album. The group debuted quietly, but only began gaining momentum after participating on CCTV’s Star Boulevard and collaborated with Chinese-Korean girl group Lotte Girls for a cute Chinese New Year song.

0086‘s debut single BAHA Official MV

Watch the live Performance of the BAHA here.

Source: Xinhua, 雅菲@youtube

These Years, These Boybands


boybands are like reeses cups, you don’t really want one until you had that first bite, then you can’t help but be a little greedy and reach for a second… and a third…

Boybands are usually the fastest and easiest way to make money for any record company, so it’s no surprise that <a href="after 4 years, with only a few surviving boybands, the music industry is back again with a new batch of groups.

The Oldies

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