New-ish Boyband 0086 release their first MV “BAHA”

Vampire pretty or Greek God pretty?

0086 finally released the MV for their debut single BAHA from their first self-titled album. The group debuted quietly, but only began gaining momentum after participating on CCTV’s Star Boulevard and collaborated with Chinese-Korean girl group Lotte Girls for a cute Chinese New Year song.

0086‘s debut single BAHA Official MV

Watch the live Performance of the BAHA here.

Source: Xinhua, 雅菲@youtube

These Years, These Boybands


boybands are like reeses cups, you don’t really want one until you had that first bite, then you can’t help but be a little greedy and reach for a second… and a third…

Boybands are usually the fastest and easiest way to make money for any record company, so it’s no surprise that <a href="after 4 years, with only a few surviving boybands, the music industry is back again with a new batch of groups.

The Oldies

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