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Cfensi is now accepting user submissions, help us sift through all the dramas that are now coming out!  Currently, we are only accepting submissions for drama/film trailers, promo-round ups and reviews. Make sure to read the guidelines below. 

Note that your e-mail will not be visible or used for anything except to confirm your identity if you want to contact us about the post in the future. Please include your username in the byline – this will be visible and published.

General guidelines 

  • For non-reviews, the first submitted post will be approved unless another one is significantly more comprehensive.
  • Check here to see the list of pending posts
  • Submissions are accepted for all works in languages native mostly to China or foreign-language works featuring actors based out of China.
  • Use pinyin romanization for places and mainland actors unless they’re really well known by a different name. Ex. Liu Shishi, not Liu Shi Shi or Cecilia Liu. If you’re not sure, see previous tags and use the most common one. For mainlanders with common English names, we generally include both. Ex. Chris Li Yuchun.  For tw/hk/overseas artists, use whatever their official English translation or name is (ex. Wang Leehom, Gillian Chung).
  • Title of blog posts and songs are capitalized like a regular sentence (Ex. This is a post title) .  For TV Show/Film names, capitalize each word (Ex. This is a Film Title).
  • Use whatever English name the production company uses even if the translation makes no sense. If there’s no official one yet, do a google search to see if there’s a common translation already for dramas based on books.    If not, translate the names of works yourself if possible.
  • Link to sources if possible
  • Make sure to double check for fan edits to see if it’s okay to re-post.
  • include the title in Chinese on first mention of a drama/film/book
  • include a link to the tag or the round-up post if one already exists on first mention of a drama/film/book
  • keep actors/directors’ personal lives separate from posts about their work unless it’s relevant (ex. a couple playing a couple).

Drama/Film Trailers

  • official (not fanmade) trailers only.
  • 30s or less TV spots will not get their own posts unless they’re really good since sometimes ten comes out within a week. If you do a round-up post of a couple of them, that’s fine.
  • We’ll change the link to one of the same video if we find a better version.
  • Post title should include the leads, the director, or the title of work.
  • Post should include at least a short description of the drama/film, what genre it is, names of at least two leads if known, director/scriptwriter if well-known, and a brief summary (can copy and paste if you link the source).
  • You can include a clear still, screencap, poster or behind-the-scenes photo at the top if you want. (Only available if you’re logged in)

Promo Round-ups

  • Promo round-up posts are usually posted on the day the drama airs (CN time)
  • include a brief summary / one-liner about the plot
  • include the cast, episode count, airing schedule if available (refer to previous round-ups for examples)
  • include trailers, stills and any other promotions the drama has released


  • include a brief summary of the story
  • include the cast and director/writer
  • there should  be more than three paragraphs (excluding the summary)
  • drama reviews should be done only if you’ve watched either 8 episodes or a quarter of the drama, whichever one is less.
  • movie reviews should include spoiler alerts for movies that you might not know from trailers alone.
  • You can include posters/stills/screencaps if relevant. Adding photos within the contents section is only available if you’re signed in to a wordpress account.


  • To embed a youtube or dailymotion video or a tweet, just copy the link in the “code version” and it will automatically show up.