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Calling new writers!

Calling new writers!

Cfensi is always looking for new writers and contributors who are passionate about sharing their interest and love for mainland Chinese entertainment. Please read the following to see you qualify. Can’t wait to hear from you! :)

Note that you can submit posts without applying through post submission here.  However, once you’re approved as a writer, you will have more freedom in terms of what you can write.

We may take up to a week to respond to your application.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Fluent in written English.
  • Be an active participant on the blog through either comments or approved posts.
  • A good knowledge of (Mainland-focused) Chinese entertainment, or a strong willingness to learn.

If you fulfill all or most of these criteria, and are interested in writing for Cfensi, please create a wordpress account, then send the following information to:

Subject: “Re: Cfensi Writer Application”

  • Name (username);
  • Short self-introduction, including your area of c-entertainment interest and why you want to be a Cfensi writer;
  • Confirmation of identity (i.e. Twitter, Tumblr, other personal websites; we don’t need your personal information, just something to verify that you’re not just a very hard-working troll).
  • a sample article of your written work. This can be previously approved posts through submitted posts, or an original post that doesn’t fit the post submission criteria .  It may be either a translated article (please provide link to the original source) or an original piece. It does not need to be news — opinion, commentary and analysis are very much welcome. Feel free to link to existing examples of your writing to support your application.

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