There are many ways you can help. Spread the Word! If you like the site then it’d be much appreciated if you could link or something so more people visit and I would feel more motivated to post

If you want to help with Cfensi by posting, then that’d be awesome too. Drop me a line as a comment and I can add you as a contributor and then you can begin posting. Or if you don’t know where to find articles, but you can help translate, then that is fine too. I can give you articles, and then if you could translate them within two or so days, I’ll post up translations and give you credit for them.

If you want to affiliate:

1) If you have a news blog that is primarily focused on Chinese entertainment (or focusing on a particular area or region of Chinese entertainment) then you can just tell me, and I will put up a link, and you don’t even have to link back . This includes news blogs on specific artists, as long as they are updated frequently.

2)  If you have a news blog or site that focuses not on Chinese entertainment only, then just link to me, tell me and I’ll link back to you. You would go under the “Friends” section of the blogroll.


Some banners for you to help link to this site:

made by ~yelei~



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64 thoughts on “Affiliate

  1. Hi! So I’m subscribed to cfensi, so does that mean I can post? I tried to post something, but it didn’t show up. Sorry, I’m new to this, so I’m still clueless.

    • WordPress isn’t like Livejournal — I think you have to be added as an Author or Contributor before you can post things to Cfensi. Not sure how we’re handling adding new contributors right now, though — maybe talk to idarklight?

    • If you leave your e-mail in the e-mail section of your next comment, I can see it (but others won’t) and I can set up an account for you if you would like to post.

  2. i feel like if you have a facebook group, then we can “like” it and more ppl can come and visit maybe

  3. Hihi, I can help as a translator (simplified and traditional) if you still need one~ just email me with articles.

  4. Dear Cfensi,

    We would like to suggest you a link exchange.

    Maxxelli-blog is a blog for expatriates living in Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan and Wuxi and has been launched for almost a year now. Our blog provides detailed procedures for services (banking, internet access, mobile phone…), and presentations of entertainment places. Some of your articles deal with everyday life in China as well.

    We have already added your banner to our link page: (under the China News section) so if you are interested, please link back to our website (

    Do not hesitate to contact me by mail if you need further information.

    Best Regards.

  5. Xie Na + Zhang Jie will not and shall not breakup…at least not before a Super Girl-Boy couple forms

    They’re both Dongbei boys! And that makes them awesome together.

  6. Too tired for a rumor control section…that would mean I need to pay attention to rumors, and that’s simply a waste of my time, and I have no time now. Too overworked and too much crap with school.

    A little bit, but Zhu Zixiao seems more crazy. They’re both fun.

    Thanks again for the nice banners! I added the new ones!

  7. U should use the ones in rar i did more editing (resizing + add slogan)

    &u should make a rumor control section! i’ve been hearing so much rumors about HZGG & xie na &zhang jie (apparently they broke up?!)

    random though: does Zhu Zi Xiao remind you of Baor? like their personality are so similar!

  8. Thank you so much! Your link never showed up…it was probably marked as spam because >1 link = spam.

    You know all our biases! *hugs* I’ll post them with the banners tomorrow when I’m not so tired.

    Edit: Added – they look really pretty together. Thanks again for making them.

  9. So hope’ll this works… &I put all 3 banners (top combine, bobo, hyd) together as a rar file => www(dot)mediafire(dot)com(slash)?okhcdymynfz

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