Vast – “I’m Vast” Interview

This particular singer’s newest release passed me by when it came out recently, I but this interview at CRI quickly caught my attention.

“The Mando-pop industry has seen many young artists breathe new life into the scene with creativity and originality. One of them is Cang Mang, who is also known by his English name, Vast. By age 19, this young man had released three albums, with all tracks written and produced by him. Cang Mang’s latest self-titled album, I’m Vast, features ten tracks which range from love ballads to light-rock and R&B.”

This guy’s album was released late August, so why wait a month to conduct this interview about it? Maybe those at CRI released after a month of hardly any promotion, the kid needs all the help he can get even if he is some sort of prodigy. While the cpop industry already has a number of singer-songwriters more talent is always welcome, and hopefully he can have a successful future ahead of him.


Everyone Loves Olympians

We all know that the best way to ingratiate yourself with Chinese fans and non-fans alike is to be seen chummy with some of China’s finest!

Cantopop singer Leo Ku posted pics of himself on his blog with Chinese gold medalists at the same charity benefit Guo Jingjing auctioned off her suimsuit at. His expression doesn’t change much in these pics, so it’s like seeing different Chinese athletes photoshopped with the same image of him over and over. I wonder if he knows how to photoshop?

With Chinese Badminton Stars Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan)
With Chinese Badminton Couple Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan), silver and gold medalist at the games respectively


Jay Chou vs. Hou Xian

Battle of the mumbling, Zhong Guo Feng composers!

While most people know that Jay Chou’s Fragrant Rice song was leaked along with his entire album not many know that Hou Xian, the singer who made a splash with his first album Antique Play!, had his main song for his second upcoming album “leaked” around the same time.


Modern Sky Festival Comes to a Close in Beijing

China’s rock scene has grown quickly over the past few years, and one of the events that most showcases the rising talent is Beijing’s Modern Sky Music Festival, which took play Sept 30, to October 2, 2008 for the second year in a row. This time it drew thousands of domestic and foreign fans alike during a week-long holiday, which marks the country’s National Day. Meanwhile I’m stuck on the opposite side of the globe.


Chinese Diving Queen Guo Jingjing’s Swimsuit Sells

Guo Jingjing auctioned the swimsuit she wore at the Olympics for charity, with the help of Liu Xuan former Sydney 2000 gold-medal gymnast (not under suspicion by IOC, unlike her teammate Yang Yun). The suit sold for 300,000 yuan, which you can divide by something like 7 to get the US amount. In the good old days, before the US economy started failing dismally it was something like 8.

Liu Xuan, who looks remarkably like Guo at times, has been ubiquitous during these Olympics, seen almost more than the actual Olympians. A telecommunications major at university, she was on site as a reporter for TVB, interviewing all the Chinese gymnasts after their routines, interviewed Korean star Rain for his surprise closing ceremony appearance, and was one of the special guests for Eason Chan’s concert in China a few days ago, singing with the 2008 gymnasts. One of the male gymnasts from China’s 2000 team, Xing Aowei also was at the concert as a special guest singer, and was busy this year promoting the olympics not only in Movies but also music videos. Whoever said the fame of athletes fades quickly after their time doesn’t know Chinese athletes. Here’s hoping in 2016 we can still see the stars from 2008 out and about.

Kelly Chen Joins the Wedding Bandwagon

Cantopop Diva Kelly Chen, 36, has gotten married! After more than ten years of starring in movies with many hot Chinese actors, a hot half-Chinese half-Japanese actor (Takeshi Kaneshiro) and a hot full Japanese actor (Takenouchi Yutaka) she finally gets tied to “Alex” Liu JianHao, 34, her long-time boyfriend, whom she met before all those men. I wish her all the happiness in the world, but at this point, celeb weddings just aren’t that fascinating anymore.

Also there to support Kelly were the other men in her life, her brother and her father (L and R respectively as if you couldn’t tell). Her brother, formerly majoring in construction is now signed with EMI.

For more pictures of their wedding, guests, and guesses at who else will be married in 2008, click here.

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin Brave Typhoons for Filming

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin of It Started With A Kiss fame have teamed up again for a new drama, My Millionare, where no one is actually a millionare it seems. The plot details are still a little fuzzy for me. They showed how hard actors need to work to reach deadlines by filming recently in the middle of Typhoon Jang Mi, which has already cost hundreds of millions of property damage for Taiwan. Maybe that’s why no one is a real millionare in the series.

BOBO goes old school with Lin Hao

I thought I should have a BOBO post since they are the current header for the site, which was simply because they were the only ones of whom I had a large enough pic to make the header with. They are a singing duo whose name comes from the similar-sounding words in their names, Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran.

Despite that unfortunate moniker I like them, because they can actually sing well and are fun to watch. This is their newest MV, for a remake of an old song, Big China. It’s not on any of their albums and think it’s just a promotional video. Usually I find them pretty cute but when Lin Hao, 9-year old Earthquake survivor and Olympic mini-flag bearer, is in the MV, there’s really no competition. He’s there in the beginning and end, bald patch and all.

They also sang their song “Guang Rong” at the end (or should I say after?) of the Paralympics opening ceremony, though that was not televised live. You can hear it being sung however, at the video found at

Love…is obviously found in China

Another happy couple update.

Yang Yun, former Chinese gymnast and currently under International Olympic Committee invesitgation for being underage wayyyy back in 2000 in Sydney has updated her blog with pics of her and her fiance, All-Around gold-medalist Yang Wei, busy preparing for their wedding in San Ya, a beach place in China that I had not previously heard of but am now definitely putting it on my list of places to visit. The IOC better watch out. Yang Wei is not going to like anyone messing with his future wife, although here they simply look like they don’t care.