Sodagreen Releases New MV


Sodagreen is a pop rock band from Taiwan that really needs no introduction but  still aren’t quite mainstream just yet. Each of their albums seem to have built on the previous. They  released their MV two days ago for their promotional track, “Ri Guang”, or “Sunlight” from their highly anticipated next album.


Anson Hu sings for Ethan Ruan; Yan Peiyi no longer buck-toothed

Ethan Ruan and Wang Chengyang
Ethan Ruan and Wang Chengyang

Along with  the no-longer “buck-toothed” and never “ugly”  Yang Peiyi, Anson Hu sings the theme songs for Ethan Ruan’s movie New “Boy Jia Li.” Produced by SMG, New “Boy Jia Li” is a children’s movie based on the book of the same name.  When Ethan Ruan’s character, the class teacher, goes to work at a TV station, Jia Li’s seventh grade class is without a leader. The class also becomes involved in a conflict with the neighboring class. As the classes learns to get along, Jia Li grows up and Ethan Ruan finds a love of his own.


Want to be the next Super Girl?

Allen Su - singer, composer, air-guitarist, and Super Girls host?

Ever wanted to become famous, meet hot and talented guys, and get covered by CFensi?

Well, if you’re a girl, here’s your chance. Super Girls 2009 has been officially approved. Get ready for commercials, MV’s and potentially talented singers to begin rolling in.  EE Media CEO Long Danni has stated that through this competition, in addition to singers, they will be also be looking for budding actresses and those that excels in other areas. Some of the Super Boys will also be co-hosts for the regional contests of Super Girls. The finale is scheduled for mid-August. Visit the online sign-up site here.  Anyone interested in trying out? Come on, you can be the next Li Yuchun.

Super Girls commercial #1

Learn more about changes to this year’s Super Girls and see more photos of the Super Boys filming the advertising MV for Super Girls 2009 below the cut.

Gao Yuanyuan does Magazines

Updated because she had a new photoshoot. I wonder how many she’ll do during this promotion time for Nanking! Nanking! The movie has now, over the course of its opening weekend, raked in 70 million, and broke Red Cliff’s record for how many screens it got in China.


What happens when a very pretty actress stars in the most buzzed about post-holiday season movie in China? She does photoshoots and lots of them for magazines. She’ never truly obtained that leading lady status recognition but she always is so bent on making her career meaningful, and analyzing what being an actress means, that it’s hard not to root for her to get that recognition. Nanking! Nanking! is doing well from first day reports, getting about 9 million yuan, nearly the same as Red Cliff. Not bad. Here’s hoping Gao Yuanyuan’s publicity will help the movie go even higher.


Music Radio China Top Chart Awards

Music Awards in China are plentiful, but this one was awesome because most popular mainland group winner BOBO opens it with a medley of the top songs of 2008 and it’s a nice trip down memory lane. I think I started tearing up when I heard them sing Beijing Welcomes You. Probably only because that was the end of the song, and I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. Help me figure out which song is which and leave a comment stating the time they sing it and the song.

BOBO’s medley for mainland artists (all songs named)

Edit: Zhang Jie’s medley for Taiwan/HK/SG/Malaysia etc artists (help me figure out these songs!)

Click Below for the Winners..


Time to witness a miracle



“And now, it’s time to witness a miracle.”

With those words, Liu Qian aka Lu Chen ends his performance like he always does.  Liu Qian, China’s favorite magician, was one of the two performers  (the other one being Xiao Shenyang) that made their big break during this year’s CCTV New Year Gala. With his popularity came the rise of magic shows all across China.

The first of those is  Hunan TV’s jin pai mo shu tuan/Golden Magic Troupe. The show, hosted by Wang Han, invites amateur magicians to come and compete for a chance to apprentice one of the four judges – Liu Qian and three magicians from Hong Kong, Japan and Mexico. Think Super Girls/Boys for magicians.

Allen Su sings and composes the theme song, It’s the Magic. Download the MP3 here.


Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei Will Star in a Romantic Comedy


As much as I like BOBO, this seems more of a romantic comedy done right, mostly due to the talent that’s in it. Sun Honglei is one of my favorite actors of all time, and definitely my favorite Chinese actor. His charisma just makes him enjoyable to watch, always. Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin is gorgeous, and yet not your stereotypical idol actress. Produced by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh and Terrence Chang, the romantic comedy “Dirt Rich In Shanghai” started production about a week ago and is being filmed in Xiamen.


Epic Post 3: What Jackie Chan Was Really Talking About

"I slowly feel like we Chinese needs to control [note that he says "yao guan/should control/needs to control," not "yao bei guan/should be controlled")This is a transcript of the interview that people have been having a field day with reporting on left and right, getting wrong, and generally taking out of context. First of all, keep in mind this was all in response to a question about film regulation in China. Second, remember that in Jackie Chan’s perspective, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore = ethnically mostly Chinese, so it has nothing with racism.