BOBO filming a CF in South Korea

The financial crisis has struck many parts of the globe but BOBO has not been affected too greatly it seems, and were sent to South Korea to film an advertisement for a well know cell phone brand. This shoot cost over 3 million already, not including living expenses for the cast and crew involved. (Article does not say whether in won or RMB)


Guo Jingming’s new book too much like Devil Wears Prada?

Guo Jingming, who was China’s best selling author last year according to the New York Times very popular with young readers, founder of Ke Ai which produces of literary magazines and also one of the most hated male celebs in China, is being accused of plagiarism over his new book, Tiny Times 1.0, about a worker and her demanding boss. Guo Jingming was born in 1983 and last year became the youngest member to join the Chinese Writer’s Association. The article didn’t say more, but it seems unlikely that anything will come out of this since it doesn’t seem to be any suing or legal action occuring, just talk.

The Play’s the thing in China

Most actors will agree that going to movies is a step down in their career. But even the most established, well-known actors will take on stage roles over movies because stage is an artform, a chance to really shine as a well-rounded actor, and receive some critical cred along the way.

Pu Cunxi and Gao Yuanyuan in Hamlet.

It can also be a way for younger up-and-coming stars to gain some any kind of credibility.

Zhang Xiaochen and Wei Chen in the stage version of idol drama Struggle or "Fen Dou"


A row of Chinese starlets

From L-R, China’s Tang Wei, Hong Kong’s Maggie Cheung, Taiwan’s Shu Qi, and Chinese diving star Guo Jingjing sat together at the celebration of the 55th anniversary of a clothing brand. Maggie Cheung and Tang Wei, both proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and English conversed like old friends and Shu Qi who kept coughing as if she had a cold whispered to Guo Jingjing nonstop. Despite this high possibility of contracting a cold Guo Jingjing kept talking right back, and the two just kept talking incessantly.