Best and most of Super Girls 300

Super Girls
This year's Super Girls are definitely pretty, but can they sing?

A brief overview of the top 300 of this year’s Super Girls. Note that I haven’t watched every competitions, or even half of it. I watched most of Chengdu, Changsha and online. The rest are viewed only if someone on baidu tieba recommended them. And though there are a lot more good singers, I’ve only picked some that really stood out to me. All opinions are mine.

Best English singers: Yu Kewei and Pan Hongyue

I really love what judge Wu Qixian said about the two of them:

Right now, among those who can sing Western songs so beautifully, but still maintains the identity of Chinese, one is Qi Yu, and the other one is Yu Kewei. Pan Hongyue, you have even more techniques and things to show off than Yu Kewei. Unfortunately, when you sing Western songs, you become no longer Chinese but a foreigner. We can only see an imitation, not a Chinese who can understand the essence of Western music and culture. That’s the difference between Yu Kewei and you. Many may be wowed by your glamour today, but what we really seek is the uniquely Chinese way of expressing our values,spirit and culture, and you need more careful thought on that. I hope you can grow, and understand how much we expect of you.

Yu Kewei singing “Gloomy Sunday:”


Which Summer Series Would You Liked Recapped by Cfensi?

Even though I don’t even really like watching dramas anymore, because tv is a draggy medium, I wanted to spend some time recapping the series coming out this summer. I’m doing this because I feel like non-wuxia Chinese dramas need more love. More than mainland music or mainland movies. Chinese television has been a well established industry much earlier than either of those mediums, and there are some really great series, that for the life of me I don’t understand how they are so unknown. I also just like being snarky and recapping is a nice chance to do that.

And luckily this is summer, which means slightly more free time for me, there are plenty of exciting releases with a variety of subjects . You can vote more than once, but please limit your choice to two. I have more information for these series below the cut.


MBC, SMG, and BOBO team-up for Nonstop remake

Jing Boran whistlings their awesome new song

MBC’s popular sitcom “Non-stop” is coming to Shanghai this summer with BOBO, the Backdorm Boys, He Zhuoyan and two new actresses. The show, directed by the original Korean director of “Non-stop,” began filming two days ago and will continue as the first episodes air. “青春进行时/Youth in the present tense” will have a total of 100 episodes and begin airing on July 6th on Dragon TV.  Super Junior‘s Hankyung will also guest star.

While you’re in a state of shock, enjoy this beautiful new song by BOBO, the theme to the “Young Gods of Cookery.


Beauty, Voice or Personality?

Conquering the world with beauty isn't easy when you look like you're made of glass

That’s the choice that millions of competitors and viewers have or will have to make this summer as the three talent shows battle it out. A look at what each one offers:

Conquer the world with beauty
Despite having the shallowest slogan of them all, SMG’s female “My Hero”, Jiayou! Dong Fang Tian Shi, or as we’re going to translate it, Jiayou! Dragon Angels,  has a quite deep, if not solid, backing. First up is the big fish – Huayi Brothers. Being a mainly film and drama producer, it makes sense that Huayi would want to go for the lookers over the voices. The Dragon Angels have been promised spots in Disney, SMG and Huayi’s High School Musical and possible spots in Feng Xiaogang movies. And then there are two starring roles in Hai Yan dramas.  If the Angels prefered flying over acting (who wouldn’t want to act opposite BOBO?), the top 60 are also guaranteed jobs as air attendants on CE-air. However, I do admire the fact that they require all contestant to audition without makeup. After all, SMG wants actresses, not make-up artists. (more…)

Embroidery brings together odd couple

Guo Jingming
I think Li Yuchun and Guo Jingming should date. They’ll be the strangest couple ever.

What happens when China’s two icons of adrodgenous pop idols work together? They produce Sichuan embroidery. With lyrics by Guo Jingming and sung by Li Yuchun, Shu Xiu, or Sichuan embroidery, will be the theme song for Sichuan’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival. I’m so jealous of Sichuan for having so many artists to grab from when they need some musical advertisment. Confucious’ home province need some love, too.

Shu Xiu – lyrics by Guo Jingming, sung by Li Yuchun


Sophie’s Revenge Cast Promote Website Launch

L-R Ruby Lin, Yao Chen, Zhang Ziyi, and Peter Ho

The Chinese/Taiwanese cast members of Sophie’s Revenge minus Fan Bingbing who was probably busy with one of her six upcoming movies, helped launch the official site for the movie yesterday.

Included on the websites is Sophie’s Revenge first teaser trailer. This was released at Cannes, and it did a pretty good job because the rights were sold to five countries. Although it’s not featured here, Cao Xuanbin will be writing the theme song. Can’t wait to see how will make it reflect the feel of this film.

A few more pictures from the launch and some new HQ stills from the movie below. The latter is my real reason for making this post.


Hit-5 vs Cotton Candy on Mix-Box

Xue Zhiqian did a great job trying to get votes for his company juniors, Cotton Candy and looked hot while doing it.

Xue Zhiqian opened up the show with a performance of Let Go, one of only two tracks from his latest album that he didn’t write. He also later on did a great rendition of a song he did write, his first hit, Ren Zhen De Xue. But the show was not about Xue Zhiqian, but two other artists. As suspected, Cotton Candy was great, but surprisingly, HIT-5 wasn’t bad either. A lot better than I thought their performance would be.

Singaporean singer Yong Bang was the older musician supporting HIT-5. and Gao Xiaosong was the CMO judge. His credits include producing and sometimes writing for the likes of legends like Liu Huan, Lao Lang, and Na Ying.

Visit Official HIT-5 for the rest. Thank you for putting up perhaps the first full episode from this show. I really like how it gives new artists a platform for exposure and I hope Hunan keeps improving on it.

Feng Xiaogang’s Tangshan Earthquake


At the press conference for Jia You! Eastern Angels (the female version of My Hero) Wang Zhonglei, the Hua Yi president revealed  the details of director Feng Xiaogang‘s newest film, Tangshan Earthquake.

The Tangshan Earthquake occurred in 1976 and was the most destructive earthquake of the 20th century by death toll, with numbers in the hundreds of thousands, in contrast to the devastating The Sichuan Earthquake with a  death toll around 70,000.


Jane and her new company want to bring music back to Sichuan

talk about advertisement for Chengdu
Talk about advertising; Jane steps up her role as Chengdu's mascot by naming her company after it.

With Sichuan being the home to half of all mainland musicians, it’s time that music moves back to Sichuan. Since her contract with Huayi Music expired (no news yet about the management company), that’s what Jane Zhang‘s set out to do. “Show City Music” in English, the Chinese name is “Shao Cheng Yin Yue,” with “Shao Cheng/City of Youth” being a nickname of Chengdu. The employees, too, are mostly Sichuanese. The one other signed singer is Wang Zhengliang, one of the three eeMedia Super Boys from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

Jane has always been quite vocal and articulate about her thoughts about the Chinese music industry, so it’ll be interesting where she takes <Show City. Show City’s first project is Wang Zhengliang’s new song , “Count to three and let go together,” with Zhang Yadong as producer and Jane as the executive producer.
Show City artists ready to rock the roof


Pop vs. Non-pop Battle It Out on Mix-box

miyao both photo1b
In the second episode, "Mi Yao Yue Dui" from Thirteenth Month Records won over Wen Jiao.

Mix-box aka Jie Jie Gao Sheng, the show that gives a stage for new artists, is back, this time changing its format and stepping up the quality of their musicians. First to go is the old show format, where through some strange and twisted way, the singers that fail to impress the judge gets to sing their whole song and the rest gets only 30seconds.  In its place is a system where two singers PK each episode and the winners will battle each other out. Interestingly enough, the contestants are often paired to have a more “pop idol” versus a more “non-idol musician.”

“Mi Yao Yue Dui” is a classical folk song group consisted of lead vocalist/guitarist and ex-Super Boy Zhou Luming and celloist Meng Nan.