EE Media goes on MV rage

no, you did not accidentally venture into a forbidden website. This was too awstrucking to not put up.

Along with H4&Xun, Xu Fei also went to Changsha to advertise for Meteor Shower, including the fanmeeting and  Happy Camp. She sings the ending theme song, which will be her upcoming EP. Watch it here. Also recently released are Zhang Jie’s MV for “Overheard” , Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang’s Meteor Shower/Qing Hua Tong Fang iMini MV, and part of the Super Girls 2009 MV. The first has a good song and a good MV; the second has a cute MV, a sweet song, but unfit voices;  the third had everything except someone who could mix the girl’s voices together.

Zhang Jie’s theme for Overheard

Hunan TV takes up foreign diplomacy

If only the distribution of Hunan TV's viewers was like this.

After taking over entertainment from CCTV, Hunan TV seems to also be gaining increasing responsibility in foreign affairs in the TV world as it hosts everything from the CCP-KMT party forum to Chinese competitions for foreigners.

First up is the more entertaining competition. Chinese Bridge is a collaboration with the Chinese national Hanban committee. The preliminaries are hosted in various countries around the world, with the top winners going on Hunan TV for the finals, where they’ll make many Chinese ashamed at their lack knowledge of their own culture. Present at the opening ceremony of Chinese Bridge are , of course, the five boys who bridged cpop and  kpop and the four boys who hopefully will do even more for bridging Chinese entertainment and the rest of the world.

H4 without Xun:


Singing Competitions Boosts Singer Huang Ling’s Popularity


New singer Isabelle Huang Ling has gotten a steady stream of free publicity through competitions after her debut. On season four of Taiwan’s One Million Star her song Itch (Yang) was sung by Connie Kan, 3rd runner up season, and then in Supergirls 2009 one of the front-runners Yu Kewei, sang Itch as well.  Each time, people began looking for the original singer of the song, and were surprised at the quality of her debut album, whose songs were very unique, Chinese-styled, and different from the usual pop songs.

One of the interesting songs on her album: Red Weeping Eyes


Tian Yuan Talks 80s Chinese Authors at Kobe U. in Japan


While searching for when Hopscotch lead singer/actress Tian Yuan was going to release her latest album because last I head it was supposed to be this  “summer”, I came across the fact that she recently went to Kobe University to talk about 80s generations authors in China. She studied at the Beijing Foreign Studies University,  (the one that Happy Camp host He Jiong teaches Arabic at) and she’s put out books both in English and Chinese including Double Mono, which was recently translated and released in Japanese.


eeMedia does Red Songs badly


Instead of talking about the good albums that have been released,  I’m going to talk about one that was a disappointment, because it was one of the ones I was most looking forward to this summer. I love Red Songs. It doesn’t really matter in my opinion that they were “Red” propaganda, nor is it fair to the people who worked on them to ignore them as such. Especially those  pre-Cultural Revolution, because I think some of China’s finest composers came out during that time, including my favorite Chinese composer of all time, Lei Zhenbang who was just genius.

Then eeMedia began releasing songs from this album one by one on Sohu’s website.  And one by one my excited died. This album just sucked, largely due to poor song choice and bad producing by Zhang Yadong. That’s right, Zhang Yadong produced this album and he sucked at it.


News Roundup 7/2/09 – 7/11/09

This is a really big post, so check it out !


Chen Kun and Yuan Quan sponsor a jewelry brand in style at an event, with Yuan Quan in white riding a horse, and Chen Kun giving her a ring, like a modern day prince and princess, except that pretending to  marry was really awkward for them. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s two actors that I like, both of which whom actually have really nice singing voices and I’ve long wished they would collaborate in something like a musical. They will be working together, but instead will be in a HK film.


Chinese Box Office Soars and Wang Xiaoshuai Goes Commercial

The Chinese Box Office just keeps climbing and climbing. For the first half of the year it reached 2.3 Billion in revenue. The overall box office for the year is estimated at 5.5 million which would show a 32% increase from last year. This is the sixth year in which it has sustained a 25% + growth. Considering that number is  a percentage, China’s BO’s ability to maintain it is very impressive. And now formerly indie directors are finding that there’s no reason to stay indie.

Sixth Generation Indie Director, Wang Xiaoshuai who was last heard lashing out at commercially-successful Chinese directors, has apparently decided he has had enough of sitting on the sidelines when everyone else is taking advantage of China’s film goldmine. He plans to shoot a  romance film set during the Sichuan Earthquake with a $60 million yuan budget, and says he would like to cast Han Geng. He gave choices for leading ladies as Jiang Yiyan, Tang Yan, and Gao Yuanyuan.


Will Smith in Beijing with Family to film Karate Kid Remake


It’s been a while since I posted on stars that weren’t Chinese, but Will Smith‘s family is just too precious to pass up. They recently attended the first press conference of the movie, Kung Fu Kid, a remake of the 1984 Karate Kid movie, but with a name change to befit the location change. Jackie Chan will be taking up Pat Morita’s role, changed from Mr. Miyagi to Mr. Han.


Various Photoshoots 2


I was wondering what Liu Yifei has done recently to deserve being on Harpaar’s Bazaar, probably the most successful magazine in China until I noticed the “Jewelry” appendage. I didn’t know they had a jewerly version of their magazine. They really must be doing well, with a version for Men, and now this.

Go behind the cut for Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming and Frida Giannini, Ma Tianyu Tan Weiwei and Jane Zhang.