Jay Chou still trumps JJ Lin in Sales

JJ...too cute to be diao? It's okay, maybe next time!

Despite JJ Lin’s Sixology album being generally considered better than Jay Chou’s latest release Capricorn, and the fact that he collabed with people all over the Chinese music industry (HK’s Charlene Choi, Taiwan’s Maichi, and China’s Kym Jin Sha) the Taiwan music charts have JJ’s newest release as having debuted at #5 with only 2.97% of sales. Jay Chou is at number two this week with 19.9% of the sales. S.H.E dropped all the way to 9 from # 2 but had a pretty good run. Most impressively One Million Star’s Jam Hsiao is still strong after 17 weeks at number 6 and even more impressive, Ding Dang’s Decisively Loved is clinging to the list at spot 14 after 16 weeks, which I’m sure is a rarity for a mainland singer in Taiwan. Jay Chou’s album sales has just recently crossed the 1 million number mark.

Song Zuying helps Hunan Education

Whenever I think of her, I think of how far mainland Chinese music’s scene has come. Ten years ago, the most famous artists seemed those who sang “classic”, not pop songs. Song Zuying is probably the most famous Hmong (or in Chinese Miao ethnicity) singer in China. She sang with Placido Domingo at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and you may already be kind of familiar with one of her songs Spicy Girls on which Jay Chou’s Herbalists’s Manual tune was based (with permission; too bad they couldn’t collab).


BOBO filming a CF in South Korea

The financial crisis has struck many parts of the globe but BOBO has not been affected too greatly it seems, and were sent to South Korea to film an advertisement for a well know cell phone brand. This shoot cost over 3 million already, not including living expenses for the cast and crew involved. (Article does not say whether in won or RMB)