Chinese Hiphop and Dancing

And I’m not talking hip-pop. This isn’t even news, but I just wanted to point this out based on a recent comment made. For those of you bemoaning the lack of hip-hop in China, well, just be patient. China was not really interested in it until recently, but that doesn’t mean that China doesn’t have it; it just hasn’t gotten around to making it mainstream. It may not be in our blood like the Phillipines (objectively, I think singing and dancing wise the Filipinos would pwn all the rest of Asia if only their economy was better) or it might not be incorporated into almost most of our mainstream music a la Korea, but it’s still there in China and it is definitely growing to the point where it will be mainstream one day.

This is old poster for the On The Stage competition that took place in Dino Beach in Shanghai in July, a month before the Olympics, and organized by Stanley Wong, founder of Shanghai’s Dragon Dance Studio.

Individual Battle, (click here for Individual Battle video)
Team Battle, (click here for Team Battle video)
and Team Routine Competition. (click here for Team Routine video)


A new Chinese boyband for the count: Hit-5

There’s a tons of news each day, and I’m pretty backlogged, so I though I should point this out as a quick-mini-update, in lieu of an actual update. Another Chinese boyband in addition to the rest of the ones popping out. Will the madness ever stop?

Hit-5 “Hit” MV

That’s three that I know now, who are debuting/waiting to debut.

Edit on 10/25. I added profiles. For some reason, despite my love for the superboys, and TopCombine’s association with them, I want Hit-5 to succeed more. It doesn’t seem as Korean influenced.


The next Jackie Chan, Jet Li…or Sammo Hung even?

Liu Fengchao and Wang Wenjie

A new movie, called Wushu, is opening this Friday in China. It’s produced by Jackie Chan and stars Sammo Hung and three new young martial artists, those shown above and a girl, Wang Fei. Wushu is the name used to refer to Chinese martial art disciplines, practiced from Wong Feihong, to Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan. Unfortunately most of these guys are dead or getting old. Jackie knows this, and like many entertainment conscious Chinese stars, wants to prop up a new generation to fill old shoes. Jay Chou did this with Nan Quan Ma Ma, Andy Lau did this with Focus First Cut movies, and now Jackie Chan is doing this with Chinese actions stars.


Kayne West to go Native in China

Kayne West and his late mom

Lots of fairly interesting non-Chinese, Chinese-related news lately it seems.

Hip-hop king Kanye West will travel to his second homeland, China, and treat local fans to his music in a Beijing concert on November 1, and Shanghai on November 3.

Born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, West came to China at age 10 with his mother, who landed a one-year teaching job in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He became proficient enough in the Chinese language to be an interpreter for his mother in restaurants.


Wentworth Miller in Shanghai

With Kitty Zhang Yuqi, star of CJ7, and the upcoming Women Are Not Bad

I tried to ignore this since it’s not Chinese news but he’s been on Sina’s entertainment front page now three times in a row, once for arriving, once because Wang Leehom arrived at the same time, without much commotion, and was reportedly embarrassed when he realized all the media gathered weren’t there for him, and now because Miller’s doing a bit of modeling in Shanghai. I think very few people would cause the commotion that Wentworth Miller does in China, since Prison Break is China’s most popular foreign drama, and he looks like he’s enjoying every minute of it. He is in Shanghai for three days to promote Me and City Fashion, and then it’s off to Beijing.


Lea Salonga as Cinderella Tours Asia

This is not exactly Chinese news, but I love Lea Salonga and well, she was the singing-voice of Disney’s Mulan, so there. That’s gotta be Chinese enough for everyone.

A revival of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, played before by Julie Andrews, Leslie Ann Warren and…Brandi, with be touring Asia. It will be in Beijing October 24, 2008 – On October 30 at the Beijing Exhibition Theater, with tickets ranging from 120 rmb to 1280 rmb. If I was in Beijing I totally would go. Actually I would do a lot of things in Beijing, but I guess that’s not the point.

Boyband Trend in China?

Ok, first of all, my original reason for starting this blog, to translate articles and improve my Chinese, has really not panned out the way I thought it would. I find myself translating less, and putting more of my own commentary on articles. But if you haven’t noticed I focus a lot on entertainment trends that are happening in Chinese-speaking regions. Because especially mainland China, is very immature in terms of entertainment and it’s exciting to see how it’s changing as the middle class grows. Like I said in my “What is the point of Cfensi” page, economic boom happened there later and only now are we feeling the maturation of that industry. I also predicted there would be boybands and other frivolities and whatnot in 2020. Well, that particular trend has started a bit early…