Oh…that’s a lot of acronyms and shorthands and Os. Speaking of BoBo, here’s the CF I wrote a while back on. Oppo is a Chinese electronics company with branches in both the US and Korea, and the commercial is targeted towards China, Japan and South Korea.  If this is the final product after all that money, then all I have to say is, what a complete waste of money in a time of financial crisis.

Edit: Question…why are people not as interested in BoBo as the boybands? I mean they can sing, their looks are perfect, and their friendship is so pure.


Official new pics for this ad. In HQ, click for bigger versions.

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When Rock Goes Blindingly Commercial: Shin + BOBO

Ex-frontman of rock band Shin, and now solo rock artist, still named Shin, has been in a flurry of activity for his latest album. First he decided to do a mini-movie MV with Xu Jinglei, Chinese director/actress/top blogger. That’s fine, because what singer wouldn’t want to do a MV with a pretty lady? Then he got together with Joe Cheng, who fed him cake and what not. And that’s fine because who wouldn’t want to be fed cake by a pretty guy? But now he has boy duo BOBO helping him promote as well, in Beijing…which I think definitely steps over some sort of imaginary line for rockers. I mean, what would Cui Jian say? So why ask BoBo, of all people, to help?

Oh, for right, for the hugs.


Watch Fu Xinbo glomp Shin at promotional meet/whatever you want to call it here. It only shows Shin for the first like 10 seconds…then it’s just all Jing Boran closeups.


Thank you to Bluelily for the making my header!

She was nice enough to make me many, many headers (and alert me to the existence of something called my spam box), and so this is a thank you post for doing all of that. This header features the cast of the movie All About Women, which used to be called Not All Women Are Bad, a much a cooler title in my opinion, and it is probably the movie I am looking forward to the most for the rest of 2008 because it seems like a throwback to the old classic Hong Kong comedies that were so great once.


It also represents this site well I think, with its three leads from the mainland, Taiwan, and HK (Kitty Zhang Yuqi is actually from Shandong, China but she got famous in HK because Stephen Chow can basically make anyone famous) who like to coordinate what they wear for their promotional events. Considering the fact that I think Zhou Xun is probably the best actress of her generation in China, and that Guey Lun-mei is perhaps the best of hes in Taiwan, this should be at least worth watching just for that, although the movie Blood Brothers had the best young actors from China, Taiwan and HK and that wasn’t very good. But that was men, and this is the women.

Top Combine sets a ratings record on Hunan Tv’s Happy Camp; Jin Ensheng suggested for New Meteor Garden


I have realized, after the dozens of Top Combine/H.I.T-5 MVs that popped up out of Youtube (and since most of my site hits come from searching either of those two names), that the reason Chinese entertainment music was not more prolific was not because of the fact that they were Chinese, but rather because there were not boybands. Now that there are some, all the cpop fans have come out of the woodwork including posting Top Combine appearance on Hunan TV’s enormously popular Happy Camp, which apparently set something like a 12 year high for the show.


Xue Zhiqian invited to Japan’s Osaka Asia music festival by Shinji Tanimura

Shinji Tanimura and Jacky Xue Zhiqian

I have to say, even though any sort of Asian collaboration makes me a little bit hopeful for the future of Asia, I love seeing Japanese-Chinese collabs a little bit more, because usually they are not motivated by money as much as say Korean-Chinese collabs. Never is this more apparent than at the Osaka Asia music Festival, under the direction of “Japanese music godfather” Shinji Tanimura, who also wanted to use it to collect for the 512 Sichuan Earthquake.

However the reason that idol singer Xue Zhiqian was invited was a very simple one: Shinji recently heard the melancholy ‘Zhong Guo Feng’ song, “Chuan Shuo”, or “Legend” which he liked very much, saying it was a hard to come across, excellent song. Xue was very moved at this, and said he hope to keep correspondence with Shinji.


Dragon TV celebrates its 5th anniversary


This is a photoshoot that was taken maybe a week ago to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Dragon TV, a popular channel in China, though not as popular as Hunan TV. The shoot features stars that acheived their fame through Dragon TV, so if you don’t follow Chinese tv then you’ll know nobody in here, but there’s My Hero’s Pu Bajia, Song Xiaobo, and Qin Yanshi and My Show’s Xue Zhiqian. And also some old people I don’t know. I never got around to putting it up because I was busy, but was reminded when they held their event for this. I liked the photoshoot because it was rather trippy, something like Anne Lebowitz would do and something I hope to see more of in Chinese photoshoots. Also I’m always happy seeing Song Xiaobo in anything. Click on the gallery for pics, and under the cut are a few (emphasis on few) pics of people at the premiere, which included Ma Tianyu, Zhang Junning and BOBO. You can watch the entire show/celebration with me.


Yuen Woo-Ping picked Jay after seeing the “Fearless” MV

If he's diao enough for Yuen Woo Ping he's diao enough for you

Apparently, it was not just Jay’s diaoness or his marketability that won the famed martial arts choreographer/director over, when he boldly chose him for his movie, Beggar So or True Legend. He looked at the Huo Yuan Jia Theme saw MV and saw he used the nunchucks very fluidly, had a foundation for kung fu, and had a very cool exterior, perfect for a martial arts master.


Pu Bajia’s First Ep will be released in December


Unlike other popular singers A Lan, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu who are ethnically Tibetan, but aren’t technically from Tibet since they came from Sichuan and Yunnan respectively, Pu Bajia is both ethnically Tibetan and from Tibet. He was first discovered by Sherwood Hu, a movie director to play the lead in his movie, Prince of the Himalayas and then gained popularity on the show My Hero where he showed he was very well-rounded, able to dance and sing well, and thus many have waited patiently for him to release his own album, but so far he was busy with acting, and Olympics activities.

Now he is finally preparing for his EP, although he regrets taking time off from schoolwork since he is a second year at Shanghai Drama Institute. Fans caught up with him in the studio as he was recording for his EP, and said that he would sell greatly and brought him chicken soup to protect his throat. He disclosed that his EP would have only four songs though, so that he hoped his fans wouldn’t be disappointed. He previously collaborated with Taiwan’s A-Mei Chang in a duet for her album “Star” and was a guest performer at Wang Leehom’s concert in Shanghai.


Zhang Ziyi being patriotic again

New still of Zhang Ziyi from Mei Lan Fang, which has nothing to do with the rest of this post

While Zhang Ziyi fetches around 1.5 million RMB for an ad, lately ads have been appearing of advertising for a brand of cell phone, which netizens pointed out was not well-known and looked like a local band. Was Zhang Ziyi also a victim of the financial crisis? A reporter asked if she took a pay reduction for this ad, and a spokeswoman said, “Zhang Ziyi voluntarily offered to take a pay cut, in order to support local brands but the details of how much she received won’t be disclosed.”

Warning, this post goes horribly on tangent below from Hu Jintao to Janice Man to Chinese celebs having English names.