Zha Xi Dun Zhu’s Second Album Almost Complete

This was a good day for me, mainland music-wise. First Peng Tan wins an award, and now I find out that Zha Xi Dun Zhu is going to release another album. I wasn’t sure what his sales were and I was sure he was going to fade into oblivion which was devastating at the time. Yes, devastating. He may be considered part of the idol group, but his voice is like rich butter milk.

With his good looks and great voice, Zha Xi Dun Zhu has become Yunnan province, and CCTV’s media darling. He revealed that second album already has 7 or 8 songs, 4 of which he wrote himself. He is also planning a musical. Zha Xi Dun Zhu, an ethnic Tibetan, released his first album in November 2007. A youtube vid from that under the cut.



8th Chinese Music Media Awards: Indie Singers Win Big

Music awards can be given out rather liberally in the Greater Chinese-speaking region, and sometimes, it’s simply a popularity contest. But the Music Media Awards has always been classy, always recognized some of the best talent out there, and this time they gave the recognition not to idols, not to mainstream talent, but to some of the best indie. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream popular music, but it’s still pretty nice to see these artists get recognition at a major awards event. In honor of this, I’ll be adding some of the winner’s songs to the music box on the main page.

Peng Tan, winner of Best Mandarin Newcomer


‘The Father of Chinese Rock’ blasts HK and Taiwan pop

Cui Jian, or ‘Old Cui’ one of the first people to write rock songs in China and still one of the most revered people in the Chinese Rock scene (yeah, it’s actually getting pretty big if not already) recently blasted Chinese pop. Maybe he saw the rise of boybands in China and was afraid.


In China, there’s not a lack of good artists, nor a lack of good songs. What it lacks is a talented manufacturing company. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, there is collective deception. What is well-known is the “Cow Dung into Gold” business way. As long as you look good, even if you can’t do anything, I can still make you popular. That is their culture.


Lu Yi’s wife gives birth to a baby girl!

It seems appropriate that the news of death be follow by news of life. Lu Yi, of the upcoming Three Kingdoms series and the first mainland Chinese actor that I really liked, and his actress wife, Bao Lei have welcomed into the world their new baby girl. Congratulations! I’m sure they’ll be fantastic loving parents. Edited with Lu Yi’s blog entry.


Actors Pay Tribute at Xie Jin’s Funeral

I’m quite familiar with Chinese directors, even took a class on it (never do that at an American university…biggest disappointment ever), but I’m not at all familiar with Xie Jin, who recently died at the age of 85. Monkeypeaches however has a great post on him. It’s always sad to see great talent go in China, so RIP. People in attendance included Fan Bing Bing, Zhao Wei, Pu Cunxin, and Jia Zhangke, all of whom worked with him or have been mentored by him in some way.

There are more pictures of people there, but I don’t particularly feel like posting them because it seems vulgar to see these people with cameras in their faces at a funeral. The main site at Sina for Xie Jin is here though, if you want a glimpse of how people have different worked with him and what he’s contributed to Chinese cinema.


Jay Chou still trumps JJ Lin in Sales

JJ...too cute to be diao? It's okay, maybe next time!

Despite JJ Lin’s Sixology album being generally considered better than Jay Chou’s latest release Capricorn, and the fact that he collabed with people all over the Chinese music industry (HK’s Charlene Choi, Taiwan’s Maichi, and China’s Kym Jin Sha) the Taiwan music charts have JJ’s newest release as having debuted at #5 with only 2.97% of sales. Jay Chou is at number two this week with 19.9% of the sales. S.H.E dropped all the way to 9 from # 2 but had a pretty good run. Most impressively One Million Star’s Jam Hsiao is still strong after 17 weeks at number 6 and even more impressive, Ding Dang’s Decisively Loved is clinging to the list at spot 14 after 16 weeks, which I’m sure is a rarity for a mainland singer in Taiwan. Jay Chou’s album sales has just recently crossed the 1 million number mark.

Song Zuying helps Hunan Education

Whenever I think of her, I think of how far mainland Chinese music’s scene has come. Ten years ago, the most famous artists seemed those who sang “classic”, not pop songs. Song Zuying is probably the most famous Hmong (or in Chinese Miao ethnicity) singer in China. She sang with Placido Domingo at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and you may already be kind of familiar with one of her songs Spicy Girls on which Jay Chou’s Herbalists’s Manual tune was based (with permission; too bad they couldn’t collab).