“The Warrior and the Wolf” Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival

Jô Odagiri and Maggie Q in "The Warrior and the Wolf"

This was another film that I wanted to see. Not for it’s premise, but because the director is Tian Zhuangzhuang, one of the famous so  “5th generation” directors of China, who first brought Chinese cinema international acclaim, and includes Zhang Yimou and  Chen Kaige. I’ve seen many of those latter two’s films, but not a single one from Tian Zhuangzhuang which is a shame. It’s fascinating how the 5th (and 6th) generation directors of China have made this transition from the old days of Chinese cinema, to the well-funded blockbusters films of today and I wish I had gotten to follow TZZ’s adaptation to this change. His last film was 2006 biopic The Go Master. I missed seeing that one to my dismay, but I hope to see  both it and this film at some point. More pretty stills from the movie here. Maggie Q looks really beautiful in them, like Q’orianka Kilcher. 10 min Trailer below the cut.


Huang Xiaoming Sings the Second Theme for “The Message”, Cast Does Cosmo

Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and Zhang Hanyu

Three of the actors of the film, including Huang Xiaoming graced this month’s cover for Cosmo; the rest of that shoot behind the cut. I really hope there are outtakes, because the HXM + LBB ones  in the vid below looked cute. Although what I really want for a photoshoot is one with  LBB and Zhou Xun.

Behind the Scenes of the Cosmo Shoot:

The theme song sung by Huang Xiaoming is below the cut, because after watching the Cosmo shoot vid, I decided it was cuter.


BOBO’s Photoshoot With Plushies


In lieu of a second album, BOBO has been giving us photoshoots, which is nice for the time being, especially if they are cute as this. They pose with various plushies, which evoke thoughts of childhood, and we thought it would be a good time to translate one of the blog entries that is representative of of Jing Boran’s dislike of fame and struggles with what it means to grown up and be responsible. He always smiles and does a great job with whatever’s given to him when the camera is on, but he’s pensive off camera and sometimes says these thoughts in interviews or his blog. Fu Xinbo doesn’t say much to the public, but Jing Boran says they say a lot to each other off camera, and it’s nice that they do have each other for talking about things like this.

Jing Boran’s blog entry about growing up and dealing with the fame that is now an inescapable part of his life:
– translated by idarklight,

Once upon a time
when a boy was 18, he received a pair of wings
the boy wanted to become an angel
so without any doubts nor directions, he flew toward the sky
he flew higher and further
but he doesn’t yet know
the moment he flew up
he could never return

the lives of 18-year-old children are beautiful
they can do many things
can sweetly go shopping with their girlfriends
can play video games with best friends
can laugh loudly when they’re happy
can cry loudly when they’re sad
when they’re rebellious family and friends will understand them
they’re free
But that boy, could only be in the endless sky,
flying with all his strength, flapping his wings
as they slowly blur the true happiness and life of an 18-year-old


“Wheat” Stars Fan Bingbing and Huang Jue in “Cosmo Bride”


I knew I had forgotten at least one movie in my previous post, and Wheat‘s one of them. It also opens on the 28th; My Fair Gentleman has some really stiff competition. This is the comeback movie of director He Ping, whose last movie was 2004’s well-received Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

Huang Jue is probably unknown to anyone who doesn’t follow Chinese dramas, but he gained a popularity boost  this yearwith the series Qing Cheng Zi Lian. He’s always had some fame though. His last film  was rock movie Air Diary with Xu Fei (yeah…I had no idea either, but I like the theme song). And I’m sure you know Fan Bingbing from a gazillion different things this year . I wonder if she  is tired of shooting movies or photoshoots yet. Probably not. I wish I had her energy.

Trailer for wheat, a quote from Huang Jue on Fan Bingbing,  and more pics behind the cut.


“My Fair Gentleman” and Other Movie Trailers


Why is it that everyone’s mother loves Sun Honglei? The man’s not ancient and his charm transcends the generations. Despite his being typecast as a villain for much his career, it was the subtle humor that he seamlessly injected into those roles that made me a fan. It remains to be seen if he can do it  for a full movie, such as with the upcoming romantic comedy, My Fair Gentleman (Previously called Dirt Rich in Shanghai). It has a Pygmalion-like plot where he plays the Eliza Doolittle to Kelly Lin‘s Higgins. I’ve grown to really like Kelly Lin and I think she’d play really well off of Sun Honglei, so I’ve been looking forward to this movie. However, the script really has to be much better than what’s been revealed in the trailer.


Picture of the Three Leading Ladies of “Mei Ren Xin Ji”


I don’t have much time, but I really wanted to post something happy so have a cute picture. Mei Ren Xin Ji (Schemes of a Beauty) may have tons and tons of guest stars including Qi Wei of the previous post,  Gong Mi of Cecilia Cheung look-a-like fame, and not to mention previously mentioned Yan Kuan, whose fans are currently getting together to send him a package to celebrate his 10th anniversary as an actor (send a message to everwinding@yt if you want to write him a note).

However, the three leading ladies, Yang Mi, Wang Likun, and of course  Ruby Lin, are its stars, and their camaraderie on set is depicted in this photo.  Filming just recently ended, on the 15th, and it is set to begin airing sometime in the first half of 2010. Ruby Lin looked like she had a blast leading the ensemble in all the pictures and I can’t wait to see what she did with the famous Empress Dou Yifang character (affectionately called Dou Dou on set).

Wang Xiaokun’s MV for Liang Wan Cheng


I wanted to post on his album Those Girls You Like, Or Don’t Like, I Like Them All when it came out this summer, but I figured waiting for this MV was an easier way to make people listen to his  soothing voice, or at least take notice, because I get sometimes frustrated that if it’s not a boyband, or not flashy, then people won’t try it. I’m not sure how many people remember him from this post.

The “story” of the  MV is a love between two girls that doesn’t work out.

Disclaimer: The MV has wrist cutting, which I did not realize when I posted it. And I can’t stand thinking that anyone would watch this and think  that is any sort of acceptable means to deal with anything. So watch at your own risk. and then watch the happy MVs afterward. In general I don’t trust people not to get easily influenced by entertainment and media. The song was pretty but the MV was  surprisingly without disclaimer that the act at the end has no beauty in it. Just eat a lot of ice cream like everyone else.


Sodagreen’s Fever MV for their “Summer” Album


I had written about Sodagreen’s Vivaldi project back in this post, when they came out with their Spring album. I don’t post much outside of mainland entertainment anymore  due to time constraints, which I feel guilty about, but I will post ever single time Sodagreen comes out with another “Season” because it’s interesting and I want to compare them all. This time “Summer” is set in London, where they filmed their MV and their style is supposed to be London rock. The MV is filmed by London-based Zeroes for Heroes. Lead singer Qing Feng has also experienced another hair color change accordingly.

Overall,I’m impressed that they’ve managed to keep up quality with their two albums/year timeline not to mention Qing Feng writing for various artists in Taiwan’s music scene on the side. However, I think Spring and the MV for it was more interesting and brought out the beauty of Taiwan’s taitung county, but that just might just because they are Taiwanese and know the place better than anywhere else.

I know the MV came out a few days ago and this post is late but I have an enormous backlog of posts that I’d like to do so stay tuned for those.

A-One’s “Jie Jie” Has One Million Ringtone Downloads


I had posted something about A-One a day or two ago, but it was more cathartic written than read, and so I took it down. But finally I can post something hopeful about their comeback.  Their first single, Jie Jie had more than one million ringtone downloads. The veracity of this article is questionable, because no one even commented on the song at Sohu, but it’s still nice to hear. KS, for a smaller company, has done a great job with their songs, choreography, and pretty much everything except clothes, so it would be such a shame to see them not work out, especially when the guys have been working nonstop for the past year with very little gratification compared to other boybands.

I’m not sure why Yao Mingjun was chosen for a solo, since he’s not the lead singer, but he did write the lyrics, which you can read here. Fancams of them performing their second single below the cut.


A Pair of Cpop Duos’s Recent Photoshoots


Both BOBO and BBFF recently had some nice professional photoshoots, which is nice, because Chinese idols have a limited magazine market, and thus, crappy pics. BOBO  will next be seen in the movie Young Gods of Cookery, the trailer of which you can watch here. Not surprisingly it looks fairly low budget since the two are at the bottom rung of Hua Yi’s actor ladder, but it’s still cute even if an album would be better. Blue Bird Flying Fish hasn’t gained many fans since their debut but they’ve been quite busy and actually released music unlike BOBO. Listen to them sing prettily here.