Epic Post 2: No More Lip-Synching

Lin Miaoke and Yang Peiyi

This bit of news is really, really old and I was not going to post on this at all, but I began writing an introduction to another post that eventually evolved into its own long-winded post, and so here we are with me talking politics all over again because I couldn’t bear to just drop what I had already spent time on. Btw, Epic post basically means political post now.

China, as you may know from reading other sites, has recently decided to ban lip-synching from commercial performances, which in my opinion was a decision that came from older people in the industry frustrated by the recent flood of idol singers and not for other reasons that western news sources like to conjecture about, such as the lip-synching girl, Lin Maoke at the Olympics. Basically the first 3/4 of this post talks about why I am so pissed at how the articles that came out about this revelation (revealed by Chinese committe head himself) were so ridiculously flawed, as the articles often were during the Olympics, and I think it’s ridiculous that this is still being stated as truth, like the Variety article I linked to. The last 1/4 talks about the Chinese entertainment circle and how and whom the ban would affect. Beware, this is even longer than my Gong Li Epic Post. (more…)

Stage of Youth Preview + NGs + Wrap Up Celebration Pics

It’s basically like half mainland stars and half EEG people. What…is the point of Kenny Kwan? His acting looks so exaggerated, and while I don’t really seem to mind Joey Yung and Yumiko Cheng’s accents when they speak in mandarin, his bothers the heck out of me. That + the exaggerated acting is very, very painful to watch.

I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed with Zhang Junning’s part…he just looks pensive in this, and it doesn’t seem like his role is very big. And he seems to be paired with Yumiko. Ugh. I’m going to fast forward to those parts anyway.  

/useless commentary about a show that I’ve posted too much on.

Edit: Whoops. I put up the wrong video before.

Edit 2: Wrap up celebration for the series took place at Han Geng’s mom’s new restaurant. Junning looks cute peering over Han Geng’s shoulder in the background. More pics.


Top Combine interviewed Jam Hsiao but could not interview SJ-M

TC: The number of questions we ask you depends on if you pose with our CD Jam Hsiao: Fine by me!

Update: Top Combine will be guest stars on the third episode of Ugly Wudi. I have no idea why they hired Doremi to do their promotional activities, when it’s obvious that Hunan TV is backing them and isn’t going to stop promoting them until they are sucessful. Hit-5 or Seventeen should have been the ones to hire Doremi.

Recently mainland China’s new boyband, Top Combine, was invited to be guests performers at the Southeast Music Awards Ceremony and became Hunan Tv’s special interviewers, interviewing many stars backstage who came to receive an award.

The interviewed Jam Hsiao, actor William, and their good friends Zhang Jie, and Li Yifeng. But they could not interview SJ-M because of difficulties (unstated). After repeatedly asking, they could only give up this opportunity for direct dialogue with SJ-M.

Source. Watch the clip of them interviewing people here (starts at about 6 min in). They’re not very good at it, lol. Oh, and a real, SINA interview with Jam Hsiao here…his interviews are better watched than read though.

Yes, I know…that hiatus barely lasted a day, but uh, this article was very short, yet interesting. Anyway, don’t half of you guys come for Top Combine news? So back to hiatus. Actually expect a couple of more posts since someone else did a translation for me. Then I’m definitely back on hiatus.

Southeast Music, TVB, and CCTV-MTV Awards

And oh yeah I forgot to post this …the awards.

I don’t really know who’s idea it was to arrange for these all to be either going on at the same time or consecutively but I suppose at least for the Southeast Music Ranking Awards and CCTV-MTV Music awards it cheapened the airfare spent for some artists who were at both (SJ-M, Jam Hsiao, etc). Usually I don’t really care for these, because when Chinese-language regions span mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Singapore there are way too many award shows and most of them are popularity contests but there were three so might as well get these out in one go. However, some of the awards given either did not interest me or where hard to find…(the Chinese characters were kind of gibberish on some of the pages)…so these lists may be incomplete.


Hiatus for a while…


Maybe for real this time? Let’s see how it goes. If there’s something very interesting I’ll post. Gotta catch up on some stuff…if anyone wants to guest write, email me.

Kim Junghoon to team up with BoBo duo for New Drama?


Kimg Junghoon is probably one of my favorite Korean actors, though not really so much for his acting skills. His smile, personality and intelligence is what makes him attractive. His appeal also transcends national boundaries as he has a fairly substantial music career in Japan, and a budding acting career in China. Just from that alone you know he’s intelligent since Japan’s music industry is very lucrative and China’s actors get paid fairly well, whereas Korea’s drama actors are getting salary cuts.

His first drama in China is Liang Ai Bing Fa or Art of War. Towards the end of a long article about a press conference for it and how it is doing well ratings-wise in China, a note was made that Kim Junghoon will next be making a drama with Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran, aka BoBo. Despite the fact that I like BoBo a lot, I have to say, this is kind of a downgrade from the awesome Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu (his costar in Lian Ai Bing Fa), whose charm also transcends national boundaries. But there’s hope yet…the leading lady is still being cast.

Edit: And yeah, I’m very disappointed that disappointed that BoBo didn’t win best group at whichever award ceremony they were nominated at. The boy’s fans need to stop killing this group slowly but surely.

Super VC Comes back with new CD in December


It’s been a while since I talked about music that wasn’t boybands, vocal groups, whatever you’d like to call them so when I saw this article I grabbed at the chance to translate even though Super VC is not one of my favorite Chinese indie rock bands. But they are getting quite popular in China’s rock scene, and were at the Modern Sky Music Festival earlier this fall along with some of the bigger players. They have a pleasing, soothing sound and this major release two years in the making, with 7 MVs (can they really be called indie anymore?) will no doubt please their fans.

Article about the release, MVs and more Beatles-like pictures below.


New Pictures From HSDS 2009

Will post on the recent multiple award ceremonies once I understand who won…but for right now…


After multiple much needed costume changes, I believe these pictures are some of the first HQ ones of both of the main actors in their final costumes. These include Ady An Yixuan as Zhao Min her male outfit, and Deng Chao as Zhang Wuji


Mini Chinese Entertainment Updates

Updates because I touched upon all of these topics before. If you don’t believe me, check the tags.

Why didn't I read the script for this before signing the contract?
Why didn't I read the script before agreeing to this movie?

1. Fan Bingbing’s Home Run was the worst-performing movie in recent years with a big-name star. Ouch. But now that she’s a bomb at the box office she’s being compared to Vicky Zhao Wei and I think she’s actually getting a bit more sympathy than she usually does, so not a total loss. Besides…it can’t be all her fault. Chapman To was in it to. Plus the story was just whack.


Guo Jingjing’s Costly New Ad


Speaking of Guo Jingjing and silliness, a new commercial featuring her was shot that reportedly cost an upward of 10 million RMB (something like 1.2 million US) . On board for this ad was someone named “Charles”, apparently the best Hong Kong has to offer in terms of ad directors, the lighting production team from the upcoming Mei Lan Fang crew, and photography equipment that with pieces coming separately from Hong Kong and Australia. Not only that, but a designer was called in to make her six swimsuits for her, each costing ten thousand RMB. This ad was for a brand of laundry detergent. Hope result is worth it, unlike than the money spent on BoBo’s OPPO ad.