Vicky Liu Yanwei’s Second MV: Mao Xian (Risk)

I was extremely surprised she got a second MV, and that’s obvious, because if I had expected it I definitely would have just waited for the MV and grouped it with my first post on her. As it is, I’m making a new post because I really liked this song much better than her first song, even though it is also in a way generic cpop, but in a pleasant way.

Also, since I am making another post on her, here are some pictures of her from a photoshoot that’s supposed to be showing two sides of her. Which two sides I’m not quite sure. The article that accompanied the pictures said it was supposed to be naivete and sexy appeal. Right…

Click the pictures to see up close all the facets of Ms. Liu. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of her if Chengtian Entertainment has their say, and I need to stop being so surprised when Chinese entertainment companies actually spend on their artists and just be grateful.

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Feng Xiaogang’s New Film is still a Comedy

Shu Qi + fake Bear = OTP of this movie

Despite the 1 min 30 sec preview that I posted earlier in my Holiday movie guide, with melancholy scenes of Ge You and Shu Qi together, which ended on a completely sappy note, with Ge You saying to Shu Qi, “I’ve fallen in love with you” making all Feng fans take a step back, this movie is still a comedy. The new preview expands upon where the first left off, revealing what the movie is really like, and it’s really nothing like what that first preview showed. This movie Feng has said, is intended to make the audience smile in a time of financial crisis and with Ge You, Samurai and bears, …I think he can.

I think I actually breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the new trailer. I wasn’t going to watch it if the focus was going to be a saccharine romance between Ge You and Shu Qi. Now if they could only get a more interesting poster.

More pictures of Bear/Shu Qi action below.


I Am Veeker – New Online Sci-Fi Comedy Series

Previous picture changed due to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!
Previous picture changed to a kid-friendlier one of Fu Xinbo per request. Say no to guns kids!

We’re all big BoBo fans here at CFensi, and when I say we, I mean me and idarklight, who’s pretty much the only other person who has contributed to posts at this site. So this series caught our attention because it’s the first time Fu Xinbo, the older one in BoBo has been in a drama, and as you can see from the still, he’ll be playing the “villain”.

However this series would probably be worth watching just because it’s script was written by Ning Caishen, who was behind My Own Swordsman/Wu Lin Wai Zhuan / 武林外传 which was a extremely well-written parody of Wuxia that has a huge cult following in China despite its extremely low-budget and virtually unknown cast. You can watch the full I am Veeker series here which is going to be airing completely online at in lieu of on television, at a total of 6-7 episodes of about 25 min each, since as it appears, the internet is the future for money-making in China. Keep in mind that this is a comedy and it is very much tongue-in-cheek. Especially when it pokes fun of Sanlu milk powder. :D

A trailer, interview with Fu Xinbo, and BoBo fuzzy moments etc after the cut. A big thanks to idarklight for the heads up about this, and for writing the bulk of this post. If she wrote it, you know it’s better quality than most of the drivel that I post.


Xue Zhiqian’s New “Deeply Loved You” MV Released


So a while back I wrote that Shinji Tanimura had invited Jacky Xue Zhiqian to his Osaka music festival, and then idarklight pointed out, hey, Xue Zhiqian writes his own songs! Which is amazing, because who knew this good-looking guy could write such beautiful songs? I need to stop being prejudiced. This is his newest single from his 3rd album, also called Deeply Loved You.

The first single was “Legend/Chuan Shuo” which was the one that got him invited to the festival. The MV for this has two parts, one set in their past life and one set in the present day. The album will release in December. I highly recommend you check out this MV for the first part, since it’s got all the cliched parts of Asian MVs that we love and the song is really pretty.


Hit-5 sets a ratings record on Happy Camp?

I found this on their baidu and I don't care if it's related to this post or not. Chinese comic (man hua) style is so beautiful! If the Chinese boybands dressed up like this, I would not mind them.

Okay, I’ll change the picture of “HIT-5” when I actually find a decent picture of them all on Happy Camp. But I don’t really understand what China means by their “records” anymore…the article is here if anyone wants to analyze this and tell me exactly who set what records for Happy Camp and compare it say, to Top Combine’s “record-setting” appearance on Happy Camp. I’ve never understood even American rating systems so I’m lost.


Chang Chen and Guey Lun-Mei Support Aids Awareness


These two extremely talented Taiwanese thespians went to Taipei in order to support aids awareness, specifically helping to raise funds for babies afflicted with aids, and singed shirts for the cause. Guey Lun-mei appealed to everyone to show affection to babies, as kisses and hugs would not transmit aids. Chang Chen spoke about how such an important matter children with aids was, and yet neglected in our society. More pictures of the two at this event  here.

I think it’s really wonderful that they’re doing charity work since they’re both two of my favorite actors, but I kind of wish it didn’t seem like a promotion for Parking, the movie that they’re both in that is being released soon and has been screening in festivals. Still, of course I’m going to see it, because it’s Guey Lun-mei and Chang Chen. In a movie. Together.

Chengtian Entertainment debuts singer Vicky Liu Yanwei


Singers come and go in the Chinese entertainment world, but not that many who are with Chengtian (Orange Sky) Entertainment, the Chinese third of the Asian triumvirate composed of Korea’s SM, and Japan’s Avex. So far they have a few measly singers, Kimi Qiao Renliang, and Zha Xi Dun Zhu, and none of them really do the kind of music SM or Avex is known for, and since it’s really rare for any Chinese entertainment company to train a singer from the ground up without them having gotten fame I took notice here to see if Chinese companies were turning a new leaf about that.


Huang Jinlun celebrates topping the charts with Jam Hsiao

While JJ Lin never quite made it to the top of the Taiwanese G-Charts with his album “Sixology”, another Singaporean, Huang Jinlun did, with his new album Jing’s Note, after placing sixth on Season Three of One Million Star and most popular contestant. Jam was there to celebrate his number one position, wrapping a big blanket around him.I’m sorry I lost the link to the source, and finding it again was harder than I thought, so this was basically from memory…but I really wanted to post this picture. How cute are they?


Despite the light-heartedness of the promotional activities, they were damped by fellow Season 3 contestant Li Chuning’s suicide whose memorial he made time to attend during the midst of the promotions.

Zhang Ziyi on the cover of South Korean Vogue Magazine


Weird…I thought that South Korea only got its first Korean star on Vogue’s cover last year when Song Hyegyo was on it, so what’s Zhang Ziyi doing on there? It’s odd timing too. The only new movie she has coming out soon is Mei Lan Fang and I didn’t think that would be the type to cross over to other countries, even other other Asian countries. Maybe it has something to be with her Chinese-South Korean joint production under CJ entertainment but that hasn’t even started filming. It’s just odd. More pictures here although they are only photos of the magazine, and they’re not very interesting. Photography by Oh Joong Seok.