Men’s Uno’s Classic Couple: Liu Ye and Wang Luodan


Men’s Uno is bringing out all the stops today to provide us with great photoshoots. Liu Ye and Wang Luodan, both having made a solid name for themselves with their acting are paired to show an interpretation of love in a French town. With the paved roads, quaint gardens, and old churches, and the sunlight reflecting off them, it shows a quaint, almost stoic love of many years ago.


Chen Kun for Men’s Uno and Huang Xiaoming for Harper’s Bazaar for Men

I never met a Chen Kun photoshoot that I didn’t like.  In fact when I started this site I had no inkling on what I would be talking about, and only had a hazy idea of me posting up his pictures and fangirling over them. Lofty ambitions indeed no? Bloggers would be amiss really, if they aspired to anything more.  I decided to stick Huang Xiaoming‘s recent photoshoot in here too for comparison’s sake of the two magazines, which are two of the bigger ones for men in China, and also, because it’s always nice to see the former classmates together in some shape or form.



Chinese Indie is Coming to a City Near You!

The cute drummer of Hedgehog

Not near me unfortunately, but some of you guys might be able to see them.

I love Modern Sky too too much. It’s the biggest indie label in China, and not only does it now have two successful indie music festivals in China, but it’s also bringing its acts to the States. Their bands 刺猬 Hedgehog, 赌鬼 Casino Demon, & 后海大鲨鱼 Queen Sea Big Shark are in America for the Sing For China Tour,  to benefit children orphaned by AIDS.

Click here for the tour dates and see if they are going to a city near you. There are also links to download their music on the site.

Here’s a video of Hedgehog. They are one of my favorite Chinese indie bands, simply because they were one of the first I knew of. And because the drummer is adorable. I am so jealous of everyone who can go, and I expect hear your accounts of how it went, because I need to need vicariously through you guys.

Meteor Shower and Super Girls succeed together

Climbing up the ladders of success
Climbing up the ladders of success

High ratings, ton of eye candy, adorable theme and an exciting scriptwriter made both Meteor Shower and Super Girls a success this year.

Both reached about the rating of 3.0 (over 60 million viewers) at their latest, and both have had an upward slope of viewership. Meteor Showers peaked at about 3.1, and Super GIrls had 3.46 last week (70+million). And that’s not counting the number of people who watched it through other devices (Super Girls last week had over 100 million users watching it on PPLive)

When revisiting this summer, Chen Chusheng’s lyrics come to mind – “this winter(summer) did not bring me any surprises.” There were small things along the way that were unexpected, but for the most part, GBS (Golden Eagle Broadcasting System, aka the Hunan Broadcasting Company that owns eeMedia and Hunan TV) delivered to the best of their abilities. There were no breakthroughs, only GBS doing its best. (more…)

SuperVC for Men’s Vogue

I decided to “borrow” this post from more_cmusic@LJ, because it is such a good visual representation of the answer to this frequently asked question by commenter on this site: “Do Chinese indie bands ever go mainstream?”

Well, of course they do, just like in any other place and this example below is as fine as any, especially for those who would rather not read me write paragraphs and paragraphs just to make one point.

Super VC 2008

(only easily available picture at the time)


SuperVC 2009 aka Present Day



Yao Chen and husband Lin Xiaoshu Vacation in Dalian

Why so many sentimental posts all at once? I have no idea. Perhaps it was because Chinese Valentine’s day was just around the corner. I also feel a bit guilty that I rarely post anything on celeb’s personal lives (invasion of privacy), or their interviews (to lazy to translate). But the former reluctance isn’t necessary in this case, since these pics were from Yao Chen’s blog.

Yao Chen, achieved nationwide fame with “My Own Swordsman”, a satirical take on the wuxia genre, and cemented herself as a household name in China with “Lurk”. She most recently has a supporting role in the romantic comedy Sophie’s Revenge that should soon be making it’s way around the web (it’s already legally available on Sohu). After a busy first half of the year for her, she finally went on a small vacation with her husband of five years, Lin Xiaoshu, her classmate from Beijing Film Academy and showed that their love is as steady as ever.


More pictures from “Lian Ai Ba”

I see a lot of people new to this site leaving comments. I guess I was subtle about this fact, but this site is now in its much less active state so if you are new and would like to find out more about Chinese entertainment, please feel free to browse older entries. New entries will still appear, but it won’t begin to cover the breadth of Chinese entertainment (even just mainland entertainment) at all, and will focus on things that I or idarklight find coincide will our self-interests. Or you can check the numerous sites in the links section for more info.


Speaking of self-interests, I’m zoning in on this particular film, Lian Ai Ba. It seems there’s always a Chinese romantic comedy around the corner these days that captures my attention. Just as one airs (previously it was Sophie’s Revenge) another begins production. I suppose this one in particular appeals to me because of the story – a divorced couple refalling into love, and because I really do love all three cast members, especially the two leads, Yuan Quan and Chen Kun although they have never acted together. For more information about the film, click the “Lian Ai Ba” tag.


Super Girls after Zeng Yike; a summary

The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls
The girl with a 80% chance of winning Super Girls

Super Girls is the epitome of a suspenseful reality TV show. After the eventful leaving of Zeng Yike, Li Yuanxi and Pan Hongyue, Pan Chen and Tan Lina soon joined them. Liu Xijun leaving was a huge surprise, but perhaps not as much as Zeng Yike or Pan Hongyue leaving. She was soon followed by Yu Kewei, leaving Huang Ying, Li Xiaoyun and Jiang Yingrong to vie for the 3 spots next week. A few of my favorite performances since the 10to7:

Wei Chen ft Yu Kewei singing their love’s duet


Yuan Quan and Xia Yu Got Married


I love weddings and these two kids were long overdue for one, having been together for ten years (ableit with a brief separation in between). Yuan Quan, who recently filmed a wedding scene for her film, Lian Ai Ba, and during it, told reporters that she would not want to marry as formally as she did was in the movie, because it was so exhausting, and she kept that promise by having a low-key marriage. The newly released shoot the happy couple did for the wedding also reflected that simplicity.


Here’s to You Chris Lee


Amidst the great albums that came out recently from people like David Tao, whom we’ve  looked up to for their song-writing talent, and whose albums we look forward to for very reason, one album lifted itself from up from our expectations and stunned us over our lack of anticipation for it. Chris Lee, without much press or fanfare, came out with a CD, a good one, containing 8 self-composed songs, and 9 song with  lyrics she herself wrote.

No one had preparation for such a revelation that Li Yuchun could compose. No one knew she had even tried, and the sudden materialization of  an album almost all her own surprised us, and then slowly overtook us our quiet shock with such astonished joy where we wanted to run around and congratulate her and her fans for such a wholly unexpected burst of talent from this much maligned woman. However, looking back at our excitement over this, we had to wonder, why are we so happy for her? I just admitted it – we never her fans, nor are we currently her fans. So why the crazy happiness?