Ni Ni, Deng Lun cast in time-travelling romance The Night Wanderer

iQiyi web drama Night Wanderer 夜旅人 follows the love story between a medical examiner in 2016 (Ni Ni) and a Republican-era lawyer from 1936 (Deng Lun). The magic happens in the old Shanghai apartment no.699, as the lovebirds take turns traversing between the intriguing world of Republican Shanghai and the fascinating modern era.

Directed by Wan Liyang (second director of Ordinary Glory) and written by Chen Maoxian (Ready or Not), the 36 episode web drama began filming yesterday.

First trailer for time-warp romance First Love Again

First Love Again stars Patrick Shish (Someday or One Day) as the present-day hero who meets the heroine (Chen Haoyu) from 2006, and a romance blossoms. I’m guessing the show will focus on the butterfly effect that eventually allows them to truly fall in love in the present day? The drama premieres on iQiyi on July 29th.

The probability of them meeting was one in a billion. In a parallel time and space, the cold and unapproachable top student Ye Youning (Patrick Shih) encounters the bright and sunny Xia Wenxi (Chen Haoyu).Through an unexpected opportunity, Ye Youning of the present connects with Xia Wenxi from the year 2006. Their encounter leads to a sweet romance and a chance to relive high school, to meet old friends again and to experience the taste of first love.

iQiyi synopsis

Casting Call for what appears to be Netflix’s Three Body Problem

A recent casting call has appeared for what seems to be Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Three Body Problem.

Producer: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (Game of Thrones)
Filming location: UK
Filming time: November 2021 – August 2022
Casting Agency: Mr. Casting

They’re looking for men and women of Chinese descent. All of them require fluency in Chinese only except for a Chinese female age 20-30 who needs to also be fluent in English .

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Dramatic new teaser for Song Qian, Luo Yunxi’s Broker

Broker was the only Liao Juan (author of The Interpreter) novel I read and liked, so I will be checking out the drama adaption despite its flaws. Starring Song Qian as a patriotic scientist and Luo Yunxi as a corporate spy, the romance drama will premiere on July 22nd.

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Sword Snow Stride releases second trailer

The latest trailer for Sword Snow Stride is feeling more like Joy of Life 2.0, and has less wuxia than I expected (plus, with this being a Wang Juan-scripted show, the chances of me dropping this drama midway just increased dramatically). Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, Hu Jun and Zhang Tian’ai, the drama is yet to secure an air date.

Luo Yunxi, Wu Qian reunite in humanitarian aid drama Light Chaser Rescue

Luo Yunxi (Love Is Sweet) and Wu Qian (Octogenarians and the 90s) will be playing volunteers who undergo gruelling training to become professional humanitarian field workers who are able to conduct rescue missions in the air and at sea.

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