Song Qian, Luo Yunxi’s Broker releases first teaser

Broker (native title change to 心跳源计划) stars Song Qian (Find Yourself) as an intelligent and capable scientist and Luo Yunxi (Princess Silver) as the dangerous broker out to steal coveted research data.

I have read the original novel, and I must say this trailer has really exceeded my expectations. The 48 episode drama is scheduled to air within the next couple of months.

April Fool’s: Cui Jian to direct rock opera based on the Nine Sons of Emperor Kangxi

The star-studded musical stars Chen Kun, Wang Kai, Lu Han, Xiao Zhan, Wang Leehom, Xiao Shunyao, Yan Xujia, Da Zhang Wei, and Tan Jianci.

Rock Artist-filmmaker Cui Jian has announced yet another foray into film, this time a rock opera based on the nine sons of the Emperor Kangxi vying for the throne. The opera, tentatively title Nine Dragons 摇滚九子, is likened to the musical Six and will feature the teams of the princes as rivaling rock bands in an 80’s battle of the bands.

Singer-actor Chen Kun plays the insolent second prince. Wang Leehom and Da Zhang Wei guest stars as two short-lived competitors – the first and third princes. Wang Kai plays the fourth prince (later the Emperor Yongzheng) , while Lu Han plays his bandmate the Thirteen Prince. Xiao Zhan plays his chief rival the Eighth prince while his bandmates the Ninth Prince and Tenth Prince are played by Xiao Shunyao and Yan Xujia respectively. Tan Jianci plays their new lead singer, the Fourteenth Prince. Cui Jian himself will play their father and the judge.


Mini Live Stages Round-Up

Zhou Shen covers vocaloids in this fun performance where he plays multiple characters on a quest to save the princess from a dragon.

I’m too braindead to write a proper intro to everything but here are a couple of fun, inspiring, and/or exciting performances from various music competitions last week, mostly from Youth With You, the latest girlband competition.


Review: My Roommate is a Detective

My Roommate is a Detective is one of the most hilarious offerings in drama land right now that’s more enjoyable as a sit-com than a detective mystery. Hu Yitian plays consulting detective Lu Yao, a goofier version of Sherlock Holmes who loves to snack on baked plant seeds. He’s definitely more expressive here than in The Handsome Siblings, and provides much of the comedy in the show.

The drama is available English subbed on Youtube here.


Dilraba, Wu Lei confirmed for The Long Ballad

I’m having a hard time imagining Wu Lei as the powerful general, because he is still a kid to me. It’s unfortunate Qu Chuxiao was pulled from the role at the last minute due to a contractual dispute with his agency, because I really think he could’ve made the role his own.

Period drama The Long Ballad 长歌行 stars Dilraba as Tang-dynasty princess Li Changge, daughter of crown prince Li Jiancheng. Her father was assassinated at Xuanwu Gate in a palace coup by Li Shimin, and she has sworn to get revenge by overthrowing her uncle.


Yang Mi, Ning Hao donate PPE to Spain, Japan

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, many in the entertainment industry have donated to hospitals and relief efforts (list here) in China, but as the virus goes global, some are also donating abroad. Actress-producer Yang Mi’s Jaywalk Studio and actor-director-producer Ning Hao’s Dirty Monkeys Studio have just donated 10 PAPR kits, 500 protective suits, and 500 protective glasses to Spain. This is on top of a previous donation by the two in collaboration with Wu Jing, Xu Zheng, Chen Guofu, and Yang Tianzhen, who donated 2790 protective suits and 10 PAPR kits to Japan.

Yang Mi and Jaywalk Studios have also donated 1.3 million RMB to the Han Hong Charity, the One Charity, and a Wuhan hospital to fight the coronavirus, ~2000 protective suits to two different hospitals, 28 PAPR kits to a Wuhan hospital, and about 2 million RMB worth of material to four other hospitals in the Hubei province.