Ni Ni and Jing Boran are both now single

The most separately photogenic couple, Jing Boran and Ni Ni, have just announced on Weibo they broke up in May. I don’t usually post break-up news but I’ll take any opportunity to put up  pictures of either of them.

Here are some gifs of Jing Boran in Geneva and a minivideo and photoshoot aka car ad starring Ni Ni and Jin Dachuan. It’s a part of series that also has minivideos/ads starring Gao YunyuanYang Mi, Zhou Dongyu, and Zhong Chuxi.

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Liu Shishi, Nicky Wu to Wed in Bali on March 20

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi kiss in wedding photo

We’ll use these photoshoots to erase Bu Bu Jing Qing from our memories.

After registering their marriage last year, mainland Chinese actress Liu Shishi and Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu will hold their wedding ceremony this Sunday, March 20, on the beautiful island of Bali.

The happy couple already released one set of beautiful wedding pictures to make us jealous, but here they come with some more stunning photos, as well as the promise of a music video for “Hand in Hand” (手牵手), the duet they recorded to celebrate their marriage.

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi wedding photo

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Jane Zhang Announces Relationship with Boyfriend of 12 Years

Jane Zhang and Michael Feng announce relationship

During her Bang the World tour, Jane Zhang suddenly announced that she was in a relationship with Michael Feng (Feng Ke), the CEO of Show City Times, which is Jane’s management company. The two have been together for 12 years.

While in Changsha on July 4, Jane surprised everyone, including her boyfriend, with an unplanned announcement. “From when I was 18 years old to 30 years old, I haven’t been waiting,” she said, referring to her song “Finally Waited for You” (终于等到你), which she had just finished singing. “Because there is a person who has always been by my side.”

Jane then explained that she had originally wanted to go public with their relationship in 2005, the same year she competed in Super Girl (超级女声), but Michael was against the idea, because he didn’t want the news to negatively affect her nascent singing career. Now that 10 years have passed and she is nearing her 31st birthday, Jane felt that now was the perfect time to make her announcement.

“I don’t want to be alone anymore,” she declared. “You’ve all been with me in the 10 years since my debut, and so has this person. I’ve already thought it through. If you’re willing to marry me, then come on stage.”

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Zhang Ziyi designs for I Pinco Pallino, also engaged


Actress Zhang Ziyi, who is not marrying a drone but singer Wang Feng, was a guest designer for Italian children’s fashion brand I Pinco Pallino. Pictured is a dress she designed. Who looks cuter in the dress, her or the girl?

The actress is currently filming The History of the Disappearance of Romance 罗曼蒂克消亡史/浮生如梦 with Ge You, Wallace Chung, and Yuan Quan. She’s also co-producing sci-fi comedy Baby from the Universe 从天儿降  with Guo Jingming.


Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi in front of family and friends, including Wang Leehom, Guo Jingming, Chen Xuedong, Han Geng, Na Ying, etc .

source: elle, photos see logo


Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi Officially Register Marriage

Live the happy ending that Fourth Prince and Ruoxi didn’t get! <3

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi officially registered their marriage on January 20.

Nicky revealed the news by uploading a photo of their marriage certificate and wedding rings to his Sina Weibo around noon, with the comment “Cherish happiness @Liu Shishi.”

Shishi replied to the post one minute later with “We are very happy.” (And we’re very happy for them!)

Nicky reportedly did not tell anyone in his company about his marriage plans, so his employees all found out through Weibo. Which is pretty fitting, seeing as he’s fairly active on Weibo and has a large fanbase there.

Nicky and Shishi first gained popularity as an on-screen couple when they collaborated on the time-traveling drama Bu Bu Jing Xin in 2011. Since then, they have been in two other dramas together. They first went public with their relationship in November 2013.

Li Sheng is engaged to Li Jiahang, has colorful photoshoots


You know a relationship will go well when they’re fighting over who wears the beard.

Li Jiahang admitted this week that he indeed has successfully proposed to Li Sheng (not related). The pair is a rare recent celeb couple who has never played a couple.  I hope they fix that soon.

Also included are two photoshoots by Li Sheng, one in monochrome with Xu Liang and one from the Crayola factory.

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Married with kids: Qiao Zhenyu, Wang Qianyi

@乔振宇: 感谢我的人生有你的出现,在我眼中你就是最美的、最坚强的、最优秀的,也感谢你能给我对你承诺的机会,让我可以紧紧抓着你们的手去享受只属于我们快乐、健康的人生!老婆我爱你!/@王倩一:2013年快要过去了,回想起来,这真的是让我很有收获的一年。今天是感恩节,看着窗外的寒风,心里却是暖的。这一路,感谢有你。

While Leehom and Li Yundi are only married/dating,  the pianist’ alter ego from Leehom’s movie is already a father.

 Qiao Zhenyu and Wang Qianyi must win the fastest moving of the recent celeb dating/marriage extravaganza. The two announced their marriage and the fact that they have a two-month old child today on Weibo.
Qiao Zhenyu: Thankfully you appeared in my life. In my eyes, you’re the most beautiful, the most strong, and the most excellent. And thank you for giving the chance to make a promise, to let me hold your hands to enjoy  the happy, healthy life that belongs only to us! Wife, I love you! // Wang Qianyi: 2013 is almost over. Recollecting, it has been a fruitful year for me. Today is Thanksgiving. Watching the cold wind outside the window, my heart is warm. Thankfully I have you on this road.

According to her long Weibo, the two met last year during the filming of Lao You Suo Yi 老有所依 in November 2012. She was pregnant soon after filming ended, and gave birth to a child this September, which you would’ve never guessed given this is how she looked like less than two months later.

Wang Leehom, Li Yundi find love in Columbia

In a twist of events, pianist Li Yundi also announced his relationship in almost the same format on Weibo, not forgetting to mention her age and school of origin. Coincidence? I think not.

Today I’m very happy. Everyone must love and be love seriously. My her is called Tian Fei, 25,  a financial mathematics major  graduate of Columbia University. We met last year, she’s very kind! Hope she’ll journey with me and you in my future road of musical dreams! Thanks everyone for the support. 

Wang Leehom is taken </3

Poor Li Yundi.

The past few years your comments here have often been about “hope you find your Forever Love”. I’m lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future. She’s not in the entertainment business so you don’t know her, but I also don’t want to create the opportunity for rumors so… her name is Lee Jinglei, she’s 27 years old and a graduate student at Columbia. Wang Baba & Mama love her and I hope you will too.

via 王力宏 Wang Leehom Facebook Page

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Weibo Wednesday: Relationships Edition

In addition to the three pairs mentioned before, also joining the relationship train are official acknowledgments of relationships for Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han, Jiang Xin and Ye Zuxin, Qiao Zhenyu, and Wang Luodan.

张翰: 小怪物回家啦乐得

Zhang Han finally posts a photo of him and Zheng Shuang together after their Meteor Shower days, showing the two of them visiting Disney World together. Although… you can’t really tell that they’re at Disney World. They could be at a random park, for all we know. At least get Mickey in the background next time, kiddos.

Finally going home, little monster! ;b So happy!  :D :D :D

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Married: Yang Mi, Hawick Lau

Finally admitting that Liu Shishi is taken, Yang Mi accepts Hawick Lau's proposal.

Finally admitting that Liu Shishi is taken, Yang Mi accepts Hawick Lau’s proposal.

Actress Yang Mi and actor Hawick Lau announced their marriage on Sina Weibo today, with Yang Mi showing off their rings. According to Phoenix, the pair have already officially registered, and will hold their  wedding on Jan 8th, 2014.

What’s with this week and celebrities announcing relationship advancements!   Anyways, congrats and best of luck to all the couples!

Hawick Lau: “Hold thy hands and grow old with thee.” I can finally understand the beauty of this sentence;  just want to say, in the future, let us walk the paths of life together; if you’re tired, come near and I’ll carry you on my back slowly. Thank you for willing to give your hand to me! Thank our parents for placing infinite trust in me! Thanks for everyone’s blessings! 2014, Jan. 08, on this special day we’ll hold our wedding. The little sprouts have finally grown up // Yang Mi: Things are like this ~ Everyone can bless us now~ haha @Hawick Lau