Wang Junkai releases mini-documentary as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

This gif set of precious Wang Junkai with precious deers. More here.

As a United Nationals Goodwill Ambassador, singer-actor Wang Junkai recently visited Keny for the UN Environment Assembly and visited wildlife preserves, ocean clean-up programs, and a marine wildlife hospital while there.  Here’s his mini-documentary of his journey English-subbed: 

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Liu Yifei has been using her house as an animal rescue

One of the many cats (left in the second photo) that have been touched by the angel that is Liu Yifei

Actress Liu Yifei has been outed as an angel. For the past couple of years, she’s been running an animal shelter out of her own home for kittens. She takes stray cats in, nurtures and neuters them, and then find them homes. Liu YIfei even removed her brick fence after some cats got stuck in it.

Liu Yifei is currently filming drama Records of Nanyan Studio, and will star in Disney’s live-action Mulan.

A look at Liu Yifei’s home.

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Forget fanmail – young Chinese are finding a new way of paying tribute to their favorite stars: charity

On Weibo, the "Ming Cheng Road" sparked hot discussion and a hunt for the mysterious patron.

I ask myself, “What would you do if you had more time?”
You could have done so much more if only you had time.

Ming Cheng is best known as the handsome and diligent butler of the well-connected Ming family in 1940s Shanghai. He also happens to work for the KMT intelligence agency – and as an undercover operative for the Communist Party of China.

The fictional star of TV drama The Disguiser, a hugely popular spy drama that aired in China last year, Ming Cheng quickly became beloved by viewers as a brave and resourceful patriot. He was a character whose very appeal seemed to spring from the dramatic period in which he resided – until, that is, this spring, when Ming walked out from the screen into the real world.

In May, news began to spread online about the construction of a 1.5-kilometer dirt road in an impoverished, mountainous area of Sichuan Province that was to be a boon for the village, allowing for students to attend school and the local economy to develop. The project in and of itself wasn’t so unusual – what was, was the plaque naming its benefactor. It read, “Donator: Ming Cheng.”

Fans of the show were abuzz – who really donated that road on behalf of Ming Cheng?

I cried when I first saw news of this because Ming Cheng is so close to my heart, and it was incredibly touching to see that a fan chose to do this in his name.   Since then, a few of Wang Kai’s fans have individually donated roads in the names of Xiao Jingyan from Nirvana in Fire, Fang Mengwei from All Quiet in Peking, and a school library in the name of Qi Yong from Educated Youth in his home-province.

More on Global Times’ article on fans of Chris Li Yuchun,  Lu Han, Kris Wu, and TF Boys  doing charity here.

P.S. The caption is a hint to the next Disguiser Discussions post.

Project WAO – We Are One

Women As One - Against Abuse

Women As One – Against Abuse

Four of the biggest female singers in cpop, hailed from four different regions of cpop, came together for Project WAO theme song. The song titled We Are One or Women as One features A-Mei (张惠妹), Na Ying (那英), Sandy Lam (林忆莲), and Tanya Chua (蔡健雅). The charity concert for Project WAO was held this last weekend in support of abused women and young girls.

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Feng Shaofeng, Ni Ni show love in public service microfilm “Touch of Heart”


Given how cute these photos are, can you just imagine how cute their family would be?

Way-too-cute couple Feng Shaofeng, Ni Ni spread their love with a microfilm through Huayi Brothers and Elle. The two were ambassadors for Huayi Brothers’ free film program for underprivileged regions to expand the kids’ horizons.

The documentary microfilm below, and more photos from Elle below the cut.

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Hu Ge visiting Tibetan school


…and this ladies and gentlemen is why Hu Ge is an actor and not an artist

For Children’s Day, Hu Ge took a break from his theater performances to visit a primary school on the Tibetan Plateau to hang out with the children for the holiday.

Hu Ge currently stars in a Shanghainese dialect play “Forever Yin Xueyan 永远的尹雪艳”, which is probably only showing in Shanghai theater houses. He also starred in the controversial costume drama Da Mo Yao 大漠谣 (Romance of the Desert) with Liu Shishi and Eddie Peng. There are rumors on the internet about the drama being banned by SARFT, but I can’t find any official sources as of now.

In addition to Hu Ge’s lead role in Da Mo Yao, he will also be making a special appearance in iPartment 4. One of the regular cast member of the popular sitcom recently signed with Tangren – Sun Yizhou 孙艺洲 is now one of the beautiful peopled stored at Tangren Film
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Li Bingbing Adopt Elephants


Baby elephant following mommy Li Bingbing around

It seems like the norm of Hollywood to visit Africa in order to adopt babies or to have babies. Li Bingbing, confirmed to join the cast of Transformers 4, seems to have picked this up. She is now the proud mother of two children of Africa – two African baby elephants that is.
Li Binging took a trip to Kenya as an UNEP Goodwill Ambassador. She visited the Samburu National Reserve and a baby elephant orphanage in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, where she adopted two baby elephants “Ajabu” and “Barsilnga”.
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