KFC, Xu Jiao want you to eat fried chicken in hanfu

KFC added bamboo shoots to their chicken sandwich just in case they weren’t Chinese enough.

After normalizing hanfu’s as everyday outfits in her latest drama Beyond the Lightyears and as appropriate red carpet wear,  actress and hanfu advocate Xu Jiao is here to remind  you that hanfu is also fast-food appropriate.  The actress is a part of KFC’s latest campaign to appeal to Chinese fans with Chinese culture rather than foreign superiority, a rather new ad choice in China. KFC also partnered with the National Museum to bring elements of artifacts from the museum to their stores, including renovating over thirty locations around China to either celebrate hanfu or artifacts.

When someone commented on Weibo that hanfu 汉服 and hamburgers 汉堡包 don’t look right together, Xu Jiao responded : “They both belong to the han 汉 family, so why not? ”

The interior of a newly renovated KFC that looks nothing like Kentucky.

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JJ Lin Releases ‘Lamando’ MV. . .Or Is It A Car Commercial?

JJ Lin just released the MV for ‘Lamando’, a song he wrote for Volkswagen to endorse their newest car.That’s pretty nifty seeing as regular celebrities just do photoshoots- JJ Lin goes ahead and composes an upbeat dance track.

The MV (or should I say car commercial) has quite a lot of stuff going on in it. With a sort of futuristic theme, it involves flashing lights, floating cubes, and a DJ who everyone thinks looks like Pewdiepie from YouTube. JJ shows off his pretty cool dance moves in the first few seconds of the song, but then transforms into a race car driver and proceeds to run into stuff. A zoom-away shot shows us that he’s actually playing a video game, and then when things couldn’t get more confusing, the plot changes to become a love story with a woman’s image flashing through the game console. JJ then bellows “Lamaaaaaandoooo” multiple times, which would make sense if this was a love song, but then we remember that he wrote this song for a car.

Take a look!

Fu Xinbo, Chen Bo-lin,Kai Ko team up to sell you ice cream

Note that the ice cream brand exists outside the Cartesian graph  of love, it's because ice cream transcends all emotions.

Note that the ice cream brand exists outside the Cartesian graph of love, it’s because ice cream transcends all emotions.

The ice cream that has previously brought you JJ Lin/Jin Sha and   Ethan Ruan/Shi Zhoujing  now doubles the star power with Kai Ko, Chen Bo-lin, Annie Chen and Fu Xinbo. The four team up for an ice cream ad/microfilm/MV.  Watch the MV below and the microseries here

Chinese Paladin 3 cast does video game photoshoots


Once a video game character, always a video game character. After Chinese Paladin 3, Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Liu Shishi and Tang Yan meet again for another online game, this time as the spokespeople for the latest spinoff version of one of the biggest Chinese online games – Zhu Xian/Jade Dynasty. Separated from her two true loves, Yang Mi is instead the cover girl for a new online game called Tian Xia.

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Kimi Qiao Renliang and Tang Yan Film Commercial Together


Tang Yan and Kimi Qiao Renliang are both part of  Chengtian (Orange Sky) Entertainment’s younger group of stars, and they recently went to Hong Kong to film a commercial together for Yahoo! 3reedom USB modem. Both are fierce onscreen/onstage and adorable behind the scenes. So much love for them both. Go below for more pictures and the behind the scenes clip of them filming. And some pictures of Tang Yan in Pandaman, because she looks utterly gorgeous there.

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