Not enough actresses to go around in the PRC?

Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few screentime he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam
Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few minutes he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam

Those criticizing the one-child rule can look no further than upcoming films in China for support. “Fit Lover” is going to star 12 guys chasing after one girl (a spin-off of the 2007 Lunar-New-Year comedy where 10 women chased after one guy), and the upcoming Superboys musical will have all 13 region winners. It doesn’t matter how bad these films turn out; I will probably watch them more than once. It’s going to be cracktastic.

The cast list of Fit Lover with more pics under the cut, and pics from the press conference of the Superboys musical.


Short Film: XXX

Budding Taiwanese director, Alexi Tan (Chen Yili?!?), who’s first feature film tanked critically, and yet gave those who watched it a gleam of hope for the future of Taiwan cinema, has tapped into less examined aspect of Chinese cinema, the short film. He’s nabbed stars Liu Ye and Gao Yuan Yuan for the leads in his 10 min short for a clothing brand.

And no it’s not porn.


Surprising Cameo

Ok, I said I was on hiatus, but if something interesting pops up I am going to post. Thanks to the wonders of Chinese movie piracy, I was finished watching last night the “mystery thriller” <<The Equation of Love and Death>> which only came out in Chinese theaters three weeks ago, and complete with English subs. I hypocritically despise piracy so much. Anyway, this film boasts an impressively solid cast of Zhou Xun, who’s always good in whatever, and the two male leads of the Assembly, which I thought was the best Chinese film of last year. It’s also got a nice score penned by Dou Wei, the cheating ex of Faye Wong. So with that in mind, who was I most pleasantly surprised to see?


Has Liu Ye Bulked Up?

Liu Ye, perhaps the most talented young actor in China to date, who first broke onto the scene playing a young gay Adonis in the film Lan Yu and hassince been constantly reinventing himself with a diverse range of roles from maligned foreign exchange students to psychopathic kinappers, stars in a new movie, The Underdog Knight for which he seemingly gained some weight. Muscle weight. He plays someone in the army who had an accident, and was afterwards mentally impaired causing him to go around fighting. It was screened at the Pusan Film Festival to which it received warm reviews.

Fahrenheit Supports Wu Zun’s New Movie

They were at the Taiwan premiere of the movie, and got to watch Wu Zun feed Charlene. Calvin, as you can see, may have realized his hair is simply not acceptable in public and has begun wearing a hat.

Also the article I found this from had a very interesting comment, paraphrased here: “Recently in Taiwan there’s been a trend relating stripping to good ratings, and all want to see Zun strip however Zun firmly stated that he will not strip, and does not wish to follow this trend.”

I’m sure Charlene would look a lot happier in this publicity still if you had actually meant that.

Chen Kun’s Box Office Power

Painted Skin’s ten day mainland total box office reached 143 million yuan (21 million USD!!!). This follow’s Chen Kun “Playboy Cops” and the movie “The Knot” whose ten day box office box office total was 26 million yuan (4 million), another historical breakthrough. These show Chen Kun’s enormous box office draw.

Meanwhile, Chen Kun will return to television, in a challenging role that will require him to play one character from 18 years old to 90 years-old. Painted Skin, will be opening in Hong Kong this week, where it will be sure to draw impressive numbers, despite going up against Butterfly lovers, starring the extremely attractive cast of Wu Chun, Charlene Choi and Hu Ge.


PIctures from Officiel’s shoot with Painted Skin cast members Chen Kun and Zhou Xun.

Zhang Ziyi’s New Flick

Zhang Ziyi who’s latest film, Mei Lang Fan is just wrapping up is apparently going to be a new film called “Sophie’s Revenge”, this time taking producing as well as acting. The film is going to be helmed by and “up and coming” Chinese director.


Painted Skin Opens in China This Weekend

The newest big-name movie, featuring a cast of mainland A-listers including hottie Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, and Sun Li as well as Hong Kong favorite, Donnie Yen. The movie is one of many adaptations of “The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai” which features many supernatural stories, but is probably the highest budgeted one to-date. This, along with last week’s thriller, The Deserted Inn, marks two supernatural thrillers in a row for China, which may be unprecedented.

This film is also the first time former classmates, Chen Kun and Zhao Wei have acted together as an on-screen couple, hyped by some of the first movie stills released from the film. Vicky Zhao Wei has already been heavily praised for her acting in this film, giving an emotionally charged performance that just may be one of her best and a large step away from the tomboyish ‘Swallow” character that brought her international fame in Huang Zhu Ge Ge.