Bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai star in time-loop thriller Reset

Daylight Entertainment never disappoints as he returns with one of the most innovative set-ups for a drama yet. Based on the book of the same name, Reset 开端 tells of two groups of people stuck in a time loop where they keep returning to the beginning of a day or incident. Part crime thriller and part 50 First Dates, the novel could be one of the most fun adaptations of late. The series will be directed by Sun Molong (Minning Town), Suan (Mad House), and Liu Hongyuan.

In part one, Li Shiqing (Zhao Jinmai) experiences death over and over again on a bus, with each loop sending her back to the bus and back in time. To get off the bus, she accidentally dragged fellow passenger Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting ) into the time loop. The two must try everything to make sure the bus gets to its destination safely to close the time loop.

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Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin’s The Eternal Love 3 releases trailer

Popular romance web drama The Eternal Love Season 3 双世宠妃3 has release its first trailer. Liang Jie reprises her role as time-traveller Qu Xiaotan. She lost all her memories in Season 2, so I guess it makes sense for the hero (Xing Zhaolin) to lose his memories in Season 3?

The drama will be released soon on Tencent / WeTV.

Qin Hao reunites with the screenwriter of The Bad Kids for new family drama

Helmed by the writer of last year’s cult hit The Bad Kids, Left Right 亲爱的小孩 will focus on the Chinese way of rearing kids, and stars Qin Hao, Ren Suxi, Nie Yuan and THE9’s Xie Keyin in the lead roles.

Initial articles reported the web drama as an adaption of Wang Xiaoshuai’s film In Love We Trust:

Mei Zhu and Xiao Lu used to be a couple. They lived together, were married and had a little daughter named Hehe. But that was long ago. Mei and Xiao’s marriage broke up; they both found new partners and remarried. The only bond that remains is Hehe. But their normal, routine lives come to an end when their daughter suddenly falls ill. Leukaemia is the shocking diagnosis. Her only hope is a bone marrow transplant from a sister or brother. But Hehe has no siblings. What now? Mei and Xiao and their new partners are faced with a life-changing decision.

58th Berlin International Film Festival
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Period mystery Strange Legend of Tang Dynasty releases teaser

I missed this in my iQiyi round-up, but the trailer for Strange Legend of Tang Dynasty 唐朝诡事录 is intriguing enough that the drama gets its own post. Produced by the team behind Soul Ferry, the web drama follows imperial guard Lu Lingfeng (Yang Xuwen) and Di Renjie’s disciple Su Wuming (Yang Zhigang) as they try to catch the ‘ghosts’ behind the mystery.

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Promo round-up: Upcoming iQiyi dramas

Luoyang – Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, Song Yi

iQiyi has released a handful of trailers and posters for its upcoming dramas. The successful Light On programme is back for a second round, and the streaming platform has also lumped its romance dramas into a Sweet On schedule, which is set to begin this month. Which dramas are you looking forward to most?

First up is Luoyang, and the trailer is giving me huge The Longest Day in Chang’an vibes. Huang Xuan‘s character seems pretty similar to Lei Jiayin’s, in that they’re both former government officials who are tasked with solving intriguing mysteries.

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Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng to star in reincarnated math drama The Heart of Genius

If you could go back in time to fix your regrets, would you spend it relearning math?

The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 is the drama that every Asian parent stereotype wishes that their kids would watch. Lin Zhaoxi (Zhang Zifeng) is a college student who has always regretted not pursuing her mathematical dreams like her father always wanted. After writing down a physics equation, she finds herself in a parallel universe where she is her past self, but this time she’s an orphan. Using her years of experience in mathematical competitions, she again joins the math team with the help of her “father” who no longer knows her. She befriends her idol, the genius Pei Zhi, who pushes her to discover her own inner genius.

Directed by Shen Yan (My Best Friend’s Story) and based on the popular novel of the same name, the series just announced it will star Zhang Zifeng and Zhang Xincheng alongside Lei Jiayin.

Promo Round-up: Miss the Dragon

Miss the Dragon stars Zhu Xudan as the heroine Liu Ying, who lives as a maidservant, a fisherman’s daughter, a general and a cultivating disciple over four lifetimes. Wang Hedi plays her protector and love interest Yuchi Longyan.

The drama releases 2 episodes every Monday – Wednesday on Tencent, so should be available with English subs on WeTV / Tencent Youtube.

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