Promo Round-up: The Twelfth Second

The Twelfth Second 第十二秒 stars Ren Zhong (Nothing Gold Can Stay) as a detective who goes on a desperate search for his missing wife Hu Jiaying, played by Wan Qian (New World). He also comes face to face with his wife’s twin sister Xu Lian (Wan Qian), who seems to be working for an organised crime syndicate.

Plot summary below:

Trailer 1

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Trailer and stills round-up: Upcoming 2022 iQiyi dramas

iQiyi recently released trailers and posters for a slew of upcoming shows that will either air exclusively on the site as web dramas and/or on television networks next year. Which shows are you looking forward to most?

Historical spy drama The Wind Blows From Longxi – Chen Kun, Bai Yu

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iQiyi Light On returns with a new line up of mystery dramas

iQiyi has recently released a teaser featuring its upcoming mystery thrillers:

  • Gold Panning – Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu.
  • Who Is The Murderer – Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian, Zhao Liying
  • Wisher – Feng Shaofeng, Wenqi
  • The PavilionDuan Yihong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng, Wu Yue, Bai Yufan. Nineteen years ago, the Xuan family’s youngest sister is murdered, and the family is splintered. Almost two decades later, the broken family reunites after the oldest brother becomes the suspect of a fresh murder.

Last year’s Light On program gave us two critically successful dramas in The Bad Kids and The Long Night – any guesses as to which dramas will stand out from the pack this year? (My pick is The Pavilion, based on cast performance alone)

Promo Round-up: Bright As The Moon

Bright As The Moon 皎若云间月 stars Zhang Zhixi (Love and Destiny) as a romance novelist who time travels to the past and becomes the rebellious noble lady Yun Qianyue. Tong Mengshi (Joy of Life) costars as her love interest.

The 40 episode drama is written by Zhang Zhixi and premieres on Youku in 4hrs.

Trailer 1, Final trailer

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Promo round-up: The Prince of Babylon time travels to modern China in Dear Diary

Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 tells of the romance between a prince from Babylon (Rhydian Vaughan) and a young woman from the 21st century (Bu Guanjin). The secondary couples are played by Tiffany Hsu x Zhou You and Wang Ruichang x Zhu Yanmanzi.

After watching the trailer, I think it may be a campy and fun watch.

The drama releases 2 episodes every Monday to Wednesday on Youku and iQiyi beginning tonight.

Teaser 1

Jin Dong, Wang Likun’s espionage drama Infernal Affairs releases teaser

Infernal Affairs 无间 is set during the Wang Jingwei regime (aka around the same time period as The Disguiser) and stars Jin Dong as a Nationalist spy who successfully infiltrates Department 76. As with all Republican espionage dramas, the hero becomes disillusioned with the reigning government and switches allegiances to the Communists. Wang Likun costars as his love interest.

The 40 episode drama is actor Qi Dao’s directorial and screenwriting debut, and wrapped up filming earlier this month.