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Ni Ni enters the world of guzhuang


From instagram, captainmiao. The caption? “I ate two painkillers, and only then could I bear the weight of the hair accessories . ” Oh, Ni Ni. You have a lot to get used to. 

Original caption: 吃了两颗止痛药才勉强忍得住头饰的重量🙄

Ni Ni has stepped into the world of guzhuang, and she is every bit as gorgeous as we always knew she would be. And it’s not just one project: look forward to seeing her in (1) The Legend of Wukong 悟空传, alongside Eddy Peng and Zheng Shuang and (2) The Warriors Gate 勇士之门 with Mark Chao.

The Legend of Wukong is scheduled to be released next year, while The Warriors Gate will come out in China on November 18. Look below the cut and get ready to be stunned, because #Ni Ni is #gorgeous and #beautiful.  Continue reading