Mulan delayed, round-up 4

Liu Yifei at the Mulan Premier earlier this week.

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According to Variety, Disney’s Mulan has been delayed indefinitely across the globe due to the coronavirus. I’m actually really sad about this, and I really hope we can see this film soon.

I went ahead and got the book of the live-action. The story feels more “Disney princess-y” in terms of her transformation, and Mulan’s decisions feel less subtle, but overall it follows the same plot as the original film and Mulan has the same heart. Some people were accusing Disney of removing Li Shang because he’s too queer, but that’s definitely not the case based on the book. There’s an exchange between Mulan and the new male lead that’s way more queerbait than anything in the original.

A new Mulan clip (spoilers) of the moment Mulan decides to go on her journey:


Huang Xiaoming, Yin Zheng’s Winter Begonia releases beautiful teaser

“Others like my performance, he understands me as a person”

Everything is perfect in the trailer for the tragically beautiful drama Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红.  Yin Zheng stars as a Peking Opera star in Republican Era China while Huang Xiaoming plays his soulmate in this bromance drama about their love for each other, for a dying art, and for the world around them.

Thanks to my love-hate-relationship with Zhang Yunlei, I finally understood the Republican era craze for Chinese opera stars, so even the fan-cam of this trailer released a while ago made me tear up. Plus, Zhang Yunlei and Yang Jiulang are like the definition of an irl bromance that’s as close you can get to romantic love without actually being one.


Liu Yifei sings Reflection, more by Chen Man, and American merchandise round-up

The Mulan poster by Chen Man we deserve.

Mulan Promos Round-Up 1; Round-Up 2

Liu Yifei covers the classic Mulan song Reflection. She sounds flawed but still beautiful and more importantly, it sounds like her. I’m really happy that they didn’t over-autotune her too much for this song like they did for the other princesses. My only complaint is that the erhu is a very minimum-effort addition, but I like how the rest of the music was re-arranged to fit her voice.


Director Chloé Zhao on fan-fiction

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the whole AO3/Xiao Zhan fan fiasco, and I’ve been too lazy to follow it, but it did get me back to reading fan-fiction, which reminded me of this interview by award-winning director Chloé Zhao, so here’s the transcription. Listen to the full interview with Sam Fragoso here. The whole interview is great and I love her so much.

Sam Fragoso: Do you think there’s something inside you that needs to tell stories because it’s the thing you’re best at or it’s because it’s the thing that makes you feel best?
Chloé Zhao: I’m not sure if it’s the thing I’m best at, I think I probably cook better – I’m a good cook – but it makes me feel good. I’m an only child, you know, and it comes from spending a lot of time growing up on my own just writing fiction and putting it online and reading it back. If you know anything about fan-fiction, you write the stuff for yourself. It’s what you want to see, and that’s probably something that I will continue.
Sam Fragoso: Your movies don’t feel like fan-fiction.
Chloé Zhao: You know what fan-fiction is?
Sam Fragoso: Yeah, I do, your movies don’t feel like that.
Chloé Zhao: They are, actually. For example, The Rider could be a fan-fiction of Brady’s life, but the way I want to see it. …You know how in fan-fiction, you take characters that already exist and then you put it in the world that makes sense to you. The good ones, the good fan-fiction will stay somewhat, mostly true to the original character, but their personalities have to be altered to a certain degree.
Sam: But then aren’t most movies fan-fiction, then?
Chloé Zhao: Yeah, to a certain degree.