Laure Shang – Cpop’s French connection

Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;
Laure Shang's poster for her symphonic concert;

Super Girl winner Laure Shang Wenjie is going back to her French roots this month with her translated novel of La Petit Fille de Monsieur Linh and a French song that she wrote the lyrics for. Laure will also hold her own symphonic concert on January 9th in Shanghai.

A La Claire Fontaine, showcasing her gorgeous voice in French and Chinese:


Charlene says “Twins will always exist!”

Charlene performing an Indian dance as a guest performer on Sunday's episode of "Just Shake it."

On the “Just Shake It” episode aired on the 14th, Charlene stated that “Twins is a spirit, an inextinquishable group, and will always exist!”

When the conversation went to Gillian, Charlene smiled, “Gillian’s taking a vacation right now…. she’s studing martial arts, singing and dancing on the side. She’s a very optimistic girl.”

Charlene also says that Gillian “isn’t as fragile as everyone thinks.”


Wang Zheng – good girls can compose, too


Wang Zheng recently released her new album, No One Loves Me More Than You, whose main song of the same name quickly rose to the top of the Baidu charts, beating Jay Chou, Xue Zhiqian and Mayday.  She is part of a growing group of female singers, including Queen Wei, Tanya Chua, Cao Fang, and Ai Mengmeng, who have began writing most of their own songs. No One Loves Me More Than You,  lyrics by her, music by her and Lu Gengxu (of Age of Water and Wood)


Guo Jingming joins ee media Family

With a pure gold pen, China’s best selling author Guo Jingming officially signed his soul away to ee media December 8th. In addition to just being an artist, he will also be the Creative Product Director as well as the Literary Director. An announcement was also made that Guo Jingming’s latest book, Tiny Times 1.0, which outsold any other book published in 2008 within 3 days of release in October, will be made into a drama next year by ee media.


Also rumored to play the character of Huaze lei/ Rui in “New Meteor Garden”, Guo Jingming will be making an appearance with the rest of the EE media singers, and as well people from SM entertainment such as SJM and Zhang Liyin at Shen Zhen’s Window to the World Amusement Park (which is where I believe he is in the above picture although not for anything related to this event). At this event it appears is when Hunan and EE will make announcements about who exactly is finalized to play which parts in their new upcoming adapation of Hana Yori Dango/ Meteor Garden.