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Updates on the New Meteor Garden, Zhang Jie and Jackie Chan, Chen Chusheng, Guo Jingming and other EE Media/Hunan TV aka Mango TV related news.

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Everything about the New Meteor Garden is still undecided, so here are the latest “news” flying around. The announcing of the casting of F4 has been moved back again, but the female lead has been chosen. She’s a nineteen-year-old from the Beijing Film Institute. The story will be significantly changed, with different names and backgrounds of each of the characters. For example, Rui might play the piano instead of the violin. Being forever Chinese, the drama will also be less violent and more inspirational. Domyouji has pretty much been confirmed as not from the Super Boys. But of course, as CFensi should’ve pounded into you by now, you can’t always trust what you read.


Jane’s music, Jane in music, Music is Jane

Jane is a constant reminder that life isn't fair.
Jane is a constant reminder that life isn't fair.

Just Music, Beyond Music

The biggest surprise is probably the change of Jane’s “signature” sound, which left the usual ethereal beauty and went closer to the human heart. Jane’s music isn’t just what you think…Perhaps, this girl once won you over with the high “dolphin sound/whistle register,” but beginning with this album, you can move the focus away from the whistle register. Free your ears, open your heart, feel and enjoy the joys and imaginations brought by every note – a true expression of feelings enters everysong. Three years, let you see Jane’s change.



Huang Xiaoming, Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho, and the future of Chinese dramas

Cover art of the book, which is in the process of being made into a manga
Cover art of the book, which is in the process of being made into a manga

In recent news, Huang Xiaoming just replaced Dylan Kuo as Ou Chen in the Summer of Bubbles after investors complained to Peter Ho, the producer and co-star (as Luoxi) of the drama. Huang Xiaoming apparently liked the script so much that he agreed to be paid a fraction of his worth just to be in the drama. Other than the fact this’ll be the first Taiwanese drama starring a mainland actor, it’s also significant as Summer of Bubbles is one of the several mainland books that’s been recently picked up as dramas. A word on the direction of Chinese literature and dramas.


“Has anyone told you” that Chen Chusheng disappeared on New Year’s Eve?

Chen Chusheng's self-composed "Has anyone told you" was downloaded 16,564,460 times through China Mobile last year. That's 12 million downloads more than its runner-up, Jay Chou's "Rainbow,"more than one third of all of Jay Chou's downloads (36 million) and more than all SHE songs combined(14 million).

Although you can hear Chen Chusheng’s voice on at least 16 million cellphones in China, you won’t hear it on Chen Chusheng’s own cellphone, which has been turned off since the night he disappeared on New Year’s Eve.

In the midst of  good news for him, including winning the award for the most popular ringtone song, coming out with his new single, and and being praised by Han Hong as the one young artist she liked, Chen Chusheng disappeared during the rehearsals right before Hunan TV’s New Year Concert. He told his assistant he was going to the bathroom, and was never seen again. EE Media says that they have contacted his friends and family, but no one reported knowing where he is.

Has anyone told you, music and lyrics by Chen Chusheng


Jackie Chan passes the plate to Hu Ge

Jackie Chan giving his bodyplate that he wore in the Myth to Hu Ge
Jackie Chan giving his bodyplate that he wore in the Myth to Hu Ge

Even the confidant Hu Ge had his knees shaking in front of Jackie Chan.

“As a younger artist, I’m far from Jackie Chan. Earlier, when I saw Jackie Chan, I was so nervous that my knees were shaking. But I will try my hardest to follow his lead,” Hu Ge said today.

The executive producer of the drama version of “The Myth,” Jackie Chan just announced his pick of the male lead -Hu Ge.


Falling in love with the most beautiful sun

If you notice him, you’ll definitely be moved by his voice, you’ll fall in love with him.

– Xie Na

The most beautiful sun – Zhang Jie

From the “servant girl in every movie” to one of the most popular hosts in China, Xie Na’s new book recounts her years of struggle in Beijing. In it, she also tells the story of Zhang Jie, the most controversial Super Boy of 2007, and one with a voice that touched her heart:

The first time Zhang Jie held a concert, I was scared, but as soon as I entered, I felt overwhelmed. The seats were filled, even the aisles were crowed; everything around me was blue. After watching the concert, I was again surprised. When the whole stadium sang “The most beautiful sun” together with him, my eyes were wet.I think he has a musician’s spirit: he loves music and he loves singing more than anything else. You can stop him from doing anything, but you can never stop him from singing.


Taiwan Lifts Its Restrictions on Mainland Entertainers

Anson Hu a month ago became an exception to Taiwan's rule that no mainlanders could give solo concerts in Taiwan...now he'll be one of the many.

The company that brought Na Ying and Faye Wong to fame is ready to present it’s newest mainland superstar – Huang Yali, an energetic 19-year-old. Taiwanese companies have recently been increasingly signing on mainlanders, from rock bands such as Fusion and AOK to pop stars like Jade Liu. This is probably in light of the fact that after Taiwan’s changed presidents this past year, things have begun changing with respect to Mainland-Taiwan relations, including a suggested lifting of restrictions on mainland artists activities in Taiwan.

This finally became reality recently:

Wei Chen’s “Struggle”


Wei Chen, one of the new F4, recently returned to act in the play version of the biggest mainland drama of 2006, “Fen Dou/Struggle.” after leaving for a while to film “Le Huo Nan Hai” amongst his many various activities. He also sings the just released theme song,” Feng Ren Yuan/Lunatic’s wish,” for the play, composed by good friend and fellow Super Boy Lu Hu.


Xue Zhiqian is the first to be nominated for all major awards of Chinese Pop Music Ceremony


Xue Zhiqian is the first person to be nominated for all six of the major awards given by the Chinese Pop Music Ceremony in one year, including “best original composer,” “best album,” “best male singer,” “most popular singer,” “best album producer,” and “Golden song of the year” for both “Legend” and “Deeply in love with you,” which you can read about here and here.

Legend/Chuan Shuo, music and lyrics by Xue Zhiqian:

Cfensi’s comment: I love that part@3:22!