Stills from “Fairy Lake – Spirit of the Mo”


Unlike the above picture indicates, the drama is more of a romantic comedy than a fairytale drama. From a  corrupt-governor-turned-talking-egg to a jail buddy who refuses to get out of jail so she can finish digging her hole out, “Fairy Lake” was a refresher against all the intrigue dramas. Focused on forbidden fairy-human loves, “Fairy Lake” goes on two main relationships between the seventh fairy and a Mohism disciple and General Huo Qubing, as well as the third fairy, General Wei Qing and Princess Pingyang.   Gong Mi actually works the naive cuteness of her character quite well.  The two male leads, Chen Long and Zheng Kai, are both quite charming, and the other characters are generally comedic relief.

Fairy + mortal = trouble


2007 Super Boys reunite!

I can’t tell if the tears in my eyes are because of the boys, or that giant logo blocking them.

The 2007 Super Boys, probably the group of Supers with the most brotherhood, reunites once more after over 5 years. Through these 5 years, they’ve survived fires, run away and disappeared, got married, had a kid, and even went to jail. Watch the video below, with either interviews or performances by all of them but Su Xing. I think it’s really warming how almost all of their individual songs were written by themselves or another Super Boy.

“So Young” trailer features artsy nostalgia

What kind of movie releases trailers without a  poster?
New director Zhao Wei channeling her graduate adviser Tian Zhuangzhuang for her first film, “To our fading youth.”

Zhao Wei’s directorial debut, “So Young 致我们终将逝去的青春” starring Han Geng, Mark Zhao, Yang Zishuan, Tong Liya, Huang MIng, Zheng Kai, etc. released its first trailer today.   The film,  set to be released on Valentine’s Day this year, is based on the book of the same name. The film feels surprisingly artsy despite it being a commercial film. That’s no surprise, though, considering her graduate adviser in directing was Tian Zhuangzhuang, whose traces can be felt in the trailer.

Watch the trailer below, although I wish the trailer was of higher quality, though.

Qi Wei releases two new MV’s

Qi Wei
Gorgeous and fierce – Qi Wei returns to the music scene with an upcoming  solo album.

After making a name for herself in the drama world by portraying fierce, independent female roles, Qi Wei returns to her original occupation of musician with a series of new songs and MV’s.

First up is In order to meet you ft Aska Yang. The song is a theme for an upcoming drama, Love Destiny, finally starring Qi Wei along with iPartment leads Lou Yixiao and Chen He. Watch the MV below English subbed by Jo!