SingerSen releases “Blue Jellyfish” MV

“Blue Planet, won’t you be lonely without me?” – cries of a jellyfish

The hypnotic singer SingerSen releases another MV from her debut album, The World in My Eyes.

The self-composed song tells of “a beautiful but dangerous blue jellyfish who stumbles upon a man in the sea and her first defensive instinct is to want to kill him with her deadly poison. But instead she is entranced by the charm of his smile, and she swims over and embraces him in love.  However, in due course, the sad stain of the human as hunter plays out as he eventually captures her and strikes to kill her. ”

Read more about SingerSen in her interview with Amy from YAM here and watch the MV below.

Stills from “Beauty at the Crossfires”

Anyone else think he would be a great Lanling King aka the Masked Beauty?

The gorgeous costumes, sets, faces not to mention camera has been inherited by “Beauty at the Crossfires 烽火佳人” , the second in the “Beauty” trilogy following Tang Yan/Luo Jin/Sammul Chan’s “Gone with the Wind 乱世佳人.” It’ll be worth watching just for the visuals with a cast of Shu Chang, Sammul Chan, Qiao Zhenyu, Li Zhinan, and Shi Xiaoqun.

Guess which hottie Li Zhinan is in love with in the novel? Sammul Chan or Qiao Zhenyu?


Photoshoots round-up : men in B&W

chen xiaodong bizmode2
Why would Feng Shaofeng need to put on a mask in war and not me? I’m so much prettier.

An all-male photoshoot round-up? Don’t get used to it. But in this testosterone filled drama season, with the top dramas all being war/uprising dramas like the two Sui-Tang dramas as well as The Legend of Chu-Han, there are actually plenty of male photoshoots this time around. Photoshoots from Zhang Han, Yan Kuan, Jing Boran, Jia Nailiang, Zheng Kai, Chen Xiaodong, Huang Haibo and Han Dong in mostly black and white.


Cry me a sad river by Guo Jingming, translated selected sections

Different people live in different worlds. Red ones; blue ones; green ones; white ones; yellow ones; even pink ones.
Why is it that only you live in a black world?

Jessie had requested this, so I’m going through my old files to put this up again. I’ve only translated parts of it, but it should be enough to understand what’s going on, although there’s a lot of subplots and nuances you’ll be missing.  I’ve added the section numbers for easier comparison to the original.  Here are the first few parts.

Two endpoints make a segment.
One endpoint makes a ray.
No endpoints make a line.
Qi Ming and Yi Yao are like two different rays beginning on the same point but going separate directions, so they grew further and further apart. Each day is even more different than the previous one. Their lives were written separately in print and cursive, only to lose their color with the brushing of time until it’s hard to tell the two apart. (more…)

“The Voice of China” competitors release MV’s

Although a lot of singers are of Yi ethnicity (He Jie, Zhang Liyin, MIC’s Xiaoxin), interestingly enough, the ethnicity that favors tanned beauties haven’t had a famous artist who’s not fair-skinned until The Voice 3rd place Jieke Junyi.

Because I’ve been quite busy this past year, I haven’t been able to pay attention to the music phenomenon of the year – The Voice of China.   A number of the show’s  artists did release MV’s recently, though, and I liked quite a number of them. Here’s a compilation of the ones I found.

Jieke Junyi’s Colorful Black  MV is probably my favorite, although both the lyrics and the MV could be more consistent.