Promo Round-up: The Blue Whisper

The Blue Whisper Part 1 tells of an angsty romance between spirit controller Ji Yunhe (Dilraba) and pretty merman Changyi (Ren Jialun) who gives his tail for legs. Part 1 ends with the leads misunderstanding each other, though from the trailer it seems like they’ll eventually work together again to defeat the tyrannical Princess Shunde (Guo Xiaoting). I didn’t like the previous merman-related drama (Mirror: Twin Cities), so hopefully this one is better.

The 22 episode drama premieres on Youku tonight at 6pm (CN time). Part 2 will run for 21 episodes and should follow shortly. Drama watching calendars included below the cut.

Cheerful trailer

Xiao Shunyao as the young master of the Ten Thousand Blossoms Valley, where all the spirit controllers reside
Guo Xiaoting as Princess Shunde, who orders Ji Yunhe to train Changyi to speak the human tongue and give up his tail
Fan Zhen as spirit controller Xue Sanyue
Ci Sha as Lishu, prince of the mountain cat clan
Wang Ziteng as Kongming, a healer
Wang Dong as the spirit master
Hai Yitian as master of the Ten Thousand Blossoms Valley
Hu Yixuan as Luo Jinsang, Ji Yunhe’s maid

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