Promo Round-up: Be My Princess

I’m usually not a rom-com person, but the premise for iQiyi rom-com Be My Princess has definitely caught my attention. Xu Zhengxi (The Autumn Ballad) plays an aloof actor who literally embodies his character after getting into a car accident. Zhou Jieqiong (Legend of Fei) stars as his bewildered costar, who must play along and help him recover.

Directed by Huang Tianren (Here To Heart, Someday or One Day), the drama releases episodes weekly on iQiyi and Mango TV.


Xu Zhengxi as Mu Yanzhou, an actor who believes he is actually a Grand Tutor from imperial China
Zhou Jieqiong as Ming Wei – she plays the princess in the show within a show.
Wu Jiayi as Ming Qiao

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