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Top to bottom: Li Xiaoyao, Zhao Ling’er and Lin Yueru from the Chinese Paladin remake.

Today seems to be a lucky day in C-ent, because premiere dates and official cast announcements are coming in left, right and centre.

Casting News

  • This is actually old news but Chinese Paladin is getting a remake. New actor He Yu (My Fated Boy) plays Li Xiaoyao, Yang Yutong (Crime Crackdown) plays Zhao Ling’er and Xu Hao (Let’s Shake It, Rise of Phoenixes) costars as Lin Yueru. Unlike the first adaption, this one is apparently going to be more faithful to the original RPG game.
  • Chinese Paladin 4 is also getting a drama adaption, and will star Chen Zheyuan (Our Secret) as Yun Tianhe, Ju Jingyi (Rebirth For You) as Han Lingsha, Mao Zijun as Murong Ziying and Mao Xiaohui (Our Times) as Liu Mengli. The drama will begin filming in Feb.
Growing Pain 2 少年派2 reunites the original cast of Zhang Jiayi, Yan Ni, Zhao Jinmai and Guo Junchen, and released its first trailer today.
Romance of a Twin Flower 春闺梦里人 stars Peng Xiaoran as the quirky and genius heroine Ji Man who somehow marries the tsundere hero Ning Yu (Ding Yuxi) in place of her sister.

Detective Dee 大唐狄公案 is based on Robert van Gulik’s Detective Dee novel series, and stars Zhou Yiwei as Di Renjie, Wang Likun as Cao An and Zhong Chuxi as Wu Zetian. Zhang Jiayi and Zhang Ruoyun guest star.

Hutong 胡同 chronicles the formation of the residents’ committee (juweihui) over three generations – the 1950s generation is led by Zhao Lusi x Hou Minghao, the 1980s stars Cai Wenjing x Liu Huan and the modern age feature Guan Xiaotong x Lin Yi.

Dramas confirmed to premiere

  • Memory of Encaustic Tile premiered yesterday. Starring Chen Yuqi and Lin Yi, watch the first episode here.
  • The Crack of Dawn 江照黎明 stars Ma Sichun as the heroine who is determined to break the cycle of abuse. The miniseries premieres on Hunan TV tonight. [Trailer]
  • Lei Jiayin, Song Jia‘s A Lifelong Journey is slated to run for 58 episodes on CCTV-1 beginning Jan 28th. Disney+ has acquired international distribution rights.
  • Hello The Sharpshooter stars Hu Yitian as an aspiring Olympian and Xing Fei as a reporter. The sports romance premieres on Feb 4th. [Trailer]
  • Why Women Love stars Jin Chen as the boss and Wang Ziyi as her fuerdai assistant. The rom-com premieres on Feb 8th. [Trailer]

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