iQiyi period romance dramas currently in production

The Emperor’s Love 倾城亦清欢 – Wallace Chung, Yuan Bingyan

The 36 episode drama recently began filming, and revolves around the romance between an imperial lord who is known as the God of War, and a genius physician.

New Life Begins 新川日常 – Bai Jingting, Tian Xiwei

A very loose adaption of the Qing-dynasty novel Daily Life of a Qing Dynasty time-traveller, the drama is produced by the team behind My Heroic Husband, and is promoting itself as a food-themed rom-com that will have no inner palace intrigue or feudal superstitions. A simple plot like this sounds like something the censors will like – let’s hope the final product is something worth watching.

Song Of The Moon 月歌行

The 40 episode xianxia romance revolves around the torturous romance between a half-deity half-demon (Zhang Binbin) and a young maiden (Xu Lu) who eventually overcome their differences and save the world. The drama is currently in post-production.

Wang Youshuo
Zheng Hehuizi

Blocking The Sky 遮天 – Yin Zheng, Zhu Xudan

The 48 episode drama fantasy drama follows the journey of an ordinary human Ye Fan who is captured by a mysterious organisation and sent into an unknown galaxy to fight bad guys.

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  2. Wallace! Looking forward to this one. He was so great with Seven Tan in the Brocade drama. Terrific expressions and emotions.

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