Promo Round-up: Sword Snow Stride

Coming from the writer of Joy of Life, Sword Snow Stride follows a youngster’s (Zhang Ruoyun) journey from a good-for-nothing noble to swashbuckling hero. As this is only the first season, I don’t think we’ll be able to see the hero getting involved in any warfare as a powerful general. This is why I hate seasonal formats, especially when the first season is already 38 episodes.

Theme song

Zhang Ruoyun
Li Gengxi
Hu Jun
Gao Weiguang
Zhang Tian’ai
Ding Xiaoying
Liu Duanduan
Zhang Tianyang
Zhang Yishang
Janice Man
Tian Xiaojie
Li Nian
Li Chun

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  2. I finished 25 episodes and finally dropping it. I kept hoping it would get better but it did not. It’s not wuxia; it’s not xianxia; but it’s got bits of both, right down to magical powers and CGI monsters and beings. Fight scenes are too long, and unrealistic and only about showing off who is at a higher level. there’s no sense to them. It tried to be funny, but it’s not. Doing slap-stick comedy right requires another skill level which is sadly absent here. It tried to be heroic but it’s not. The ML wears a dumbfounded, clueless look for quite a chunk of screen time. And the FL just look like she’s about to cry all the time. It tried to have a complicated, sophisticated plot, but it does not. In fact, the main theme feels like it is about a young man rebelling against his father just to prove he is the better man. So many random characters and none of them memorable. In fact, there isn’t much of any political intrigue in the background setting at all.

    The only thing I was impressed with was Hu Jun’s delivery.

  3. this drama is spicy !!!! I do not know who you are but you should watch it again !!!
    and try to relax this time !!!!

  4. Right now, it’s available in the US on WeTV. It may or may not stick around.

    The colors are not good, like it’s constantly cloudy or in a rather serious air pollution.

    After 6 eps, it’s not wuxia in the classic sense. Slow-mo to quick special effects fighting. Very little body-to-body contact or fight choreography. Much more time spent on antics and suggested political intrigue/power struggles.

    Didn’t read the novel. Not quite getting the funny yet odd father-son dynamic. Feels like Xu Fneg Nian and maybe all his siblings are not actually related to their father.

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