Promo Round-up: A Little Mood For Love

A Little Mood For Love, previously known as Xiaomin’s Home, stars Zhou Xun and Huang Lei (who is also the screenwriter of this show) as divorcees with kids who decide that they are each other’s one true love. I did like the relationships between the characters in A Little Reunion, so hoping this one is equally as good. The drama airs daily on Hunan TV.

Zhou Xun as Liu Xiaomin
Huang Lei as Chen Zhuo
Tang Yixin as Liu Xiaojie
Tu Songyan as Jin Bo, Xiaomin’s ex
Qin Hailu as Li Ping, Chen Zhuo’s ex and Xiaomin’s bestie
Han Tongsheng as Chen Tianfu, Chen Zhuo’s father
Feng Lei as Hong Wei
Fan Shiqi as Xu Zheng
Wu Bi as Qian Feng
Zhou Yiran as Jin Jiajun
Xiang Hanzhi as Chen Jiajia

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