First look at Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi in Love Like the Galaxy

Wu Lei as Ling Buyi

Love Like the Galaxy 星汉灿烂 stars Zhao Lusi as Cheng Shaoshang, a pragmatic and intelligent noble lady who pretends to be a useless fool in front of her greedy and wicked aunt. Wu Lei costars as the emperor’s godson and her love interest.

Directed by Fei Zhenxiang (Candle in the Tomb) and based on the novel of the same name by Guanxin Zeluan (Story of Minglan), the 66 episode drama will stream on Tencent sometime next year.

Zhao Lusi as Cheng Shaoshang
Guo Tao as Cheng Shi
Zeng Li as Xiao Yuanyi
Bao Jianfeng as Emperor Wen
Tong Lei as Empress
Cao Xiwen as Consort Yue
Xu Di as Madam Cheng
Zhang Tianyang as Cheng Zhi
Peng Yang as Sang Shunhua
Sha Baoliang as Ling Yi
Li Yunrui as Yuan Shen
Yu Cheng’en as Lou Yao
Xu Jiao as Cheng Yang
Chen Yihan as He Zhaojun
Zhang Yue as Wan Qiqi
Wang Zhuocheng as the Crown Prince
Wang Ziwei as the fifth princess
Shi Shi as Wang Yanji

7 thoughts on “First look at Wu Lei, Zhao Lusi in Love Like the Galaxy

  1. What is the time setting of the drama (or the inspiration, if fictional)? Is it Han Dynasty?

    • Yup, the costumes are inspired by the Han dynasty. Some of the looks are pretty similar to Ruby Lin’s Schemes of a Beauty, which is also a Han dynasty period drama.

    • The novel is great and rather unusual, if they stick to it will make the 2 maybe they just get an idea from it, like in Who Rules The World, that novel was amazing and could fill 2 seasons easily ! Have enjoyed the drama a lot anyway , first Cdrama to top Netflix by the way – powerfull couple, great chemistry !

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