Promo Round-up: Luoyang

There’s a lot of hype over Luoyang, so let’s hope the story doesn’t disappoint. Starring Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo and Song Qian as our mystery-solving trio, the drama releases 2 episodes every Wed-Sat on iQiyi.

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1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Luoyang

  1. i am watching it as the only female to sit on Dragon Throne, Emperor Wu Zetian interests me.
    kinnda mixed feeling about the show so far. some of it may be due to my need for subtitles. i may be missing a lot.
    i did not care for the wooden pretty face. lame acting. perhaps such arrogant, oblivious to reality fop second generation whose very existence depended on family’s fame/wealth were ( and still are ) for real but difficult to either relate or like. also sad to see the totally smitten young lady repeating non-stop he is a wonderful guy just people are unable to see. perhaps there were real too but…
    also jarring was depiction of benevolent buddha like Wu Zetian who was as ruthless as they came in history of imperial china or talk of her balancing Wu and Li family power against each other !
    i do like show giving some feel of how amazing Changan really was at that time in history.

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