Dilraba, Gong Jun, Liu Yuning’s Legend of Anle wraps up filming

Legend of Anle 安乐传 stars Dilraba as Di Ziyuan, a noble lady who has been betrothed to the crown prince since a young age. However, she is forced to escape the capital after her clan is charged with treason. Now known as Ren Anle, she decides to aid the vulnerable while she travels across the lands, and catches the attention of crown prince Han Ye (Gong Jun).

She becomes Han Ye’s advisor, and helps him solve several political corruption cases. Ren Anle eventually joins him on the battlefield, and defends her kingdom against a brutal invasion. The main couple have an angsty loveline, and I’m pretty sure the royal family is somehow involved in the Ren clan’s downfall.

Liu Yuning (The Long Ballad) costars as Luo Mingxi, Ren Anle’s childhood friend and the only person that knows her true identity. He is a powerful chancellor who has a one-sided love for the heroine.

The 40 episode drama is helmed by Cheng Ziyu (Eagles and Youngster), and will air sometime next year on Youku. The script is penned by Rao Jun’s team (Journey of Flower, Ancient Love Poetry) and based on Xingling’s romance novel The Emperor.

Xia Nan as An Ning
Pei Zitian as Mo Bei
Lu Kexiao as Wenshuo
Li Shuting as Di Cheng’en
Wang Yiting as Linlang
Long Shuiting as Yuanshu
Shang Xinyue as Yuanqin
Bai Bingke as Mo Shuang
Zong Fengyan as Emperor Jianing
Yang Mingna as Empress Dowager

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