Promo Round-up: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse chronicles Haishi’s (Yang Mi) journey from a fisherman’s daughter to a general and finally empress dowager of a kingdom. She’ll also have a torturous romance with her teacher Fang Zhu (William Chan), who has sworn a blood oath to his king. The secondary couple is also pretty melodramatic – we have a king (Xu Kaicheng) whose first love was sacrificed due to political intrigue, and a new empress (Chen Xiaoyun) who looks exactly like the king’s first love.

The 48 episode drama releases 1 episode a day on Tencent (viewing calendar).

Production special, Opening theme song by Zhang Bichen, Ending theme

I didn’t think this drama would have any mermaid scenes until this still. Dong Xuan guest stars as Langhuan

9 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

  1. Does anyone know if this show has a happy ending? Guessing not since haishi eventually becomes empress dowager…

  2. Hopefully this show redeems the Novoland series. The previous two Novoland dramas (Tribes & Empires, Eagle Flag) were kind of underwhelming.

    • Just from the trailer, I wouldn’t hold my breath. It looks like the main theme is more like the typical tropey romance story. And Yang Mi still acts like Yang Mi in all her previous dramas, nothing different.

      • Yang Mi’s acting is decent. Though it seems like she’s always getting typecasted in the same type of character roles..

        • She picks those roles herself. She has the clout to do so. She’s not a nobody who is grateful just to be offered a script. But she knows she can’t pull more complex characters off.

      • Yang Mi acting is ok, but with her age and mature looks now she’s not suitable for this genre, and she looks same age with ML.

        The younger version of FL is really cute, they should’ve let her part extend a bit more. She has chemistry with ML in a pure teacher student way.

        • I have watched a few episodes. Ya, YM is too mature looking to act the part of a teeny girl. She even looks older than the ML despite that the beginning of the story showed the ML to be very much older than her. To me, her acting looked really really stilted and awkward.

          Ya, that young girl is good. I have not seen her before.

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