Promo Round-up: Marvelous Women

“You are my greatest enemy, and my closest friend.”

Marvelous Women (previously translated as The Matriarch) stars Jiang Qinqin and Yang Rong as love rivals who eventually overcome their differences and protect the family’s silk-weaving technique when the family heir (Xu Haiqiao) goes MIA. Mao Zijun costars as the heroine’s first love, while Zhang Huiwen plays her maid.

The 35 episode drama releases 2 episodes every Monday to Thursday.

Romance trailer

2 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Marvelous Women

  1. This is Yu Zheng’s production? The same flavour… I hope it will be good..some of the more recent once have been disappointing.

    • It is not good, it is great! After watching Story of Yangxi Palace I tried a few chinese series that were not that good and left me disappointed. Then I found Marvelous Women and was immediately hooked. The actors, the story, costumes, settings … this series is fantastic on every level.

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