Tencent dramas The Three-Body Problem, Sword Snow Stride among others release promos

A Dream of Splendor – Liu Yifei x Chen Xiao

Tencent has released promos for some of its upcoming dramas, and I’ve included those that have a confirmed cast. Which dramas are you looking forward to watching?

Sci-fi epic Three-Body Zhang Luyi, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin (who rocks as the spiritual leader of ETO). Tencent vs Netflix – any guesses as to which version will be better?
Sword Snow Stride – Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, Hu Jun
Yang Mi looks beautiful.
The Great Game 大博弈 – Qin Hao x Wan Qian. Upcoming drama about the heavy industry from Zhou Meisen, writer of In The Name of the People and People’s Property
Ice skating romance To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 – Song Zu’er x Wang Anyu
Time travel romance Winter Night 在你的冬夜里闪耀 – Qiao Xin x Ma Sichao
Dream House 理想的房子 – Pan Yueming x Wang Ou
Win The Future – Chen Kun x Xin Zhilei
Have A Crush On You 听说你喜欢我 – Peng Guanying x Wang Churan
The Longest Promise – Xiao Zhan x Ren Min
Remake of Korean drama of the same name, Discovery of Romance 恋爱的夏天 – Wu Qian x Qin Junjie
Delicious Romance 爱很美味 – Li Chun x Zhang Hanyun x Wang Ju
Lie To Love – Luo Yunxi x Cheng Xiao
She & Her Perfect Husband – Yang Mi x Xu Kai
Hidden Beauty (lit.) 娇藏 will star Yang Mi as a noble lady who escapes an arranged marriage. She ends up losing her memory and becomes a bandit instead.
A Date With The Future 照亮你 – firefighter William Chan x journalist Zhang Ruonan

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  1. Looking forward to Tencent’s Three Body drama. The story should be more true to the source compared to the Netflix one..

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