Gao Weiguang cast opposite Ouyang Nana in upcoming vampire romance

The Shadow 如月 has cast Gao Weiguang as Shen Zhiheng, a supernatural being from the late Qing dynasty who doesn’t age, get wounded or die. Ouyang Nana plays his love interest, a blind young maiden and daughter of a rich entrepreneur.

Shen Zhiheng is known as a media mogul, yet is actually one hundred years old. He appeared to be dead after being bitten by his younger brother, yet manages to climb out of his grave a few months later. Shen Zhiheng likes the colour red, but is afraid of fire and sunlight; he doesn’t eat hot food, but loves the tofu and duck blood found in Sichuan hot pots. His only wish is to die like an ordinary human being – until he meets Mi Lan.

Mi Lan has been blind since childhood, and decides to commit suicide after her mother’s death. However, some of Shen Zhiheng’s blood splatters into her mouth, and her eyesight returns momentarily. She sees that Shen Zhiheng is alive and well after getting shot in the head, and decides to start afresh.

Directed by Li Muge (Goodbye My Princess, Rattan), the drama began filming in late October.

Dong Sicheng as Situ Weilian
Huang Mengying as Jin Jingxue
Ren Shihao as Li Yingliang
Tang Jingmei as Mu Lihua

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