Lamu Yangzi plays the legendary Queen Lau in upcoming rom-com

The Legendary Life of Queen Lau 皇后刘黑胖 stars Lamu Yangzi as Liu Heipang (literally dark and chubby), the illegitimate daughter of a noble who marries the young emperor (Li Hongyi) by a curious twist of fate.

As expected, the emperor is initially furious that his wife is not the heroine’s beautiful cousin yet eventually learns to respect and love his wife, whose support and advice on court matters proves to be invaluable. Lamu Yangzi is a natural (a stand out in Attention Actors and Real Actor), and I can’t wait to see her playing more leading roles.

Based on the novel of the same name by Ge Yang, the rom-com is directed by Xu Huikang (Twisted Fate of Love, Wuxin: The Monster Killer III) and wrapped up filming a few months ago.

Li Hongyi as the emperor
Lamu Yangzi as the empress, Liu Heipang

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