First look at Zhang Tian’ai as female general A’mai

Zhang Tian’ai also plays A’mai in the film version, which wrapped up in 2019.

Fighting for Love 阿麦从军 (literally A’mai joins the Army) stars Zhang Tian’ai as noble lady A’mai. After escaping the slaughter of her loved ones by her first love Chen Qi, she travels the jianghu as a wanderer with the ultimate goal of avenging her family. Along the way, she ends up saving the grand princess’ son Shang Yizhi (Zhang Haowei), and their fates become deeply entwined.

When war breaks out, A’mai decides to join the army and slowly works her way up the ranks to become general. She often comes up against enemy general Chang Yuqing on the battlefield (Wang Ruichang), yet the two end up going through various tribulations outside of war and strike up an unlikely friendship.

Directed by Tian Shaobo (Hello Mr. Gu) and written by the pair of writers behind Tientsin Mystic, the 40 episode drama began filming in August.

Zhang Haowei as Shang Yizhi
Wang Ruichang as Chang Yuqing
Gao Ge as Tang Shaoyi

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