Promo Round-up: People’s Property

People’s Property 突围 (previously 人民的财产) is penned by Zhou Meisen, the writer of megahit anti-corruption drama In the Name of the People. Starring Jin Dong, Yan Ni, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Xiao and Qin Lan, the drama focuses on the misappropriation of 500 million yuan worth of building funds.

Directed by Shen Yan and Liu Haibo (The First Half of My Life, Rise of Phoenixes), the drama airs daily on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV.

3 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: People’s Property

  1. For the older audiences. Good they cater to this group’s interests too. The population of the older age groups is growing.
    Jin Dong in his typical style. 😁

  2. This one look like a drama that will get super high ratings on china TV but won’t be popular on internet discussions

    • it will likely arouse the same interest as its predecessor “In the Name of the People” which was a hot internet topic

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