Trailer and stills round-up: Upcoming 2022 iQiyi dramas

iQiyi recently released trailers and posters for a slew of upcoming shows that will either air exclusively on the site as web dramas and/or on television networks next year. Which shows are you looking forward to most?

Historical spy drama The Wind Blows From Longxi – Chen Kun, Bai Yu

Wuxia drama The Ingenious One – Chen Xiao, Mao Xiaotong

Real-estate / family drama Life Is A Long Quiet River – Hai Qing, Tong Yao, Zhang Songwen, Feng Shaofeng

Family drama Left Right – Qin Hao, Ren Suxi, Nie Yuan, Xie Keyin

Community policing drama Ordinary Greatness – Zhang Ruoyun, Bai Lu

Period economic reform drama A Lifelong Journey – Lei Jiayin, Yin Tao

Time travel romance The Night Wanderer – Ni Ni, Deng Lun

Republican adventure drama Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 – Xu Kai, Zhong Chuxi

Time-travel rom-com See You Again – Hu Yitian, Chen Yuqi

Time-travel / family / maths drama The Heart of Genius – Lei Jiayin, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng

Xianxia romance Song of the Moon 月歌行 – Zhang Binbin, Xu Lu

Sci-fi mystery Bionic 仿生人间 – Song Weilong, Wenqi

Mystery / rom-com Warm Cold Night in the Nine Heavens 九霄寒夜暖 – Li Yitong, Bi Wenjun

Crime thriller Luoyang – Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian

3 thoughts on “Trailer and stills round-up: Upcoming 2022 iQiyi dramas

  1. wow I am so very happy to see so many awesome dramas. Come over to mommy!
    Deng Lun and Nini looks awesome. I like the time warp concept!
    Chen Kun – looks dark and mind f___
    Chen Xiao – looks interesting!
    Zhang – I lob this guy! He looked like he lost a lot of weight…
    Luoyang – looks good but boy was I burned in Legend of Fei…

    Thanks for posting :)
    Stay Safe!

  2. First time I heard of Left Right and it sounds really interesting! This line up sure is ‘luxurious’, most seem to have high production value and acting standard and it isn’t oversaturated with popular IP adaptations led by popular young actors that just reeks of cash-grab.

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