Zhang Ruoyun, Qi Wei to begin filming Ming Dynasty miniseries

Daming Under Microscope 显微镜下的大明 looks at the decline of the Ming Dynasty through the lenses of two grassroots political events. Zhang Ruoyun plays maths genius Shuai Jiamo, Qi Wei plays the heroine with a strong business acumen and Wang Yang costars as the unscrupulous procurator Cheng Renqing.

Some of the politicians involved in the six cases include Fan Yuan (Wu Gang), a retired enquiry censor who becomes a rich landlord in his hometown of Jinhua County by avoiding taxes. Huang Ningdao (Gao Yalin) is a former censor who is banished to Jinhua County. Ambitious and desperate to return to the imperial court, he can help or betray anyone to achieve his goals. Fang Maozhen (Hou Yansong) is the magistrate of Jinhua County who got to where he is through years of study and hard work. Afraid of losing everything he has, he is the first one to avoid trouble.

The 12 episode iQiyi miniseries is directed by Pan Anzi (Reunion: The Sound of the Providence) and written by original author Ma Boyong.

Wang Yang
Wu Gang
Gao Yalin
Fei Qiming as Feng Baoyu

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