Promo Round-up: Jun Jiuling

Jun Jiuling stars Peng Xiaoran (Goodbye My Princess) as a former princess turned physician is back to avenge her father the emperor’s death. Her love interests are played by Jin Han, Du Yafei, Wang Youshuo and Zhou Zhan.

The 40 episode drama releases 1 episode every Sunday to Wednesday at 8pm (UTC+8) on Youku Youtube.

Playlist of promos
Peng Xiaoran as Jun Jiuling, later Chu Jiuling
Jin Han as Zhu Zan
Du Yafei as Lu Yunqi, the heroine’s fiancé while she was still a princess
Wang Youshuo as Ning Yunzhao, who was promised to the heroine as a child (?)
Zhou Zhan as Fang Chengyu, a happy-go-lucky noble who falls in love with Chu Jiuling

2 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Jun Jiuling

  1. Looks like we are going have a change from the usual annoying, silly, whiny, tantrum throwing, trying to act cute, female character. Great !!

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