Huang Xuan is Bai Baihe’s Superhero in upcoming modern drama

My Superhero is Daylight Ent’s latest modern drama, and stars Huang Xuan (Minning Town) as an unambitious and ordinary hotel porter. By chance, he meets and falls in love at first sight with the beautiful flight attendant Zheng Youen, played by Bai Baihe (Begin Again).

To get closer to the woman of his dreams, he decides to join Youen’s mother’s square dancing team. Surprised and inspired by the aunties’ vigour, he decides to focus on continuous self-development in his job, and eventually earns Zheng Youen’s respect and affections.

Directed by Li Xue (The Disguiser, Like A Flowing River 2) and written by Yuan Zidan (Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2021, Ode to Joy), the 40+ episode drama began filming today.

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