Sword Snow Stride releases second trailer

The latest trailer for Sword Snow Stride is feeling more like Joy of Life 2.0, and has less wuxia than I expected (plus, with this being a Wang Juan-scripted show, the chances of me dropping this drama midway just increased dramatically). Starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Gengxi, Hu Jun and Zhang Tian’ai, the drama is yet to secure an air date.

3 thoughts on “Sword Snow Stride releases second trailer

  1. Will this be dubbed? Everyone’s Mandarin is very understandable but with obvious accent which seems to be a no-no for period pieces.

    Drama has a Jin-Yong vibe for me.

    • Whether it is acceptable or not will depend on the production company + director. E.g. Peter Ho’s Taiwanese accent in Nothing Gold Can Stay and Chen Kun in The Rise of Phoenixes.

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