Luo Yunxi, Wu Qian reunite in humanitarian aid drama Light Chaser Rescue

Luo Yunxi (Love Is Sweet) and Wu Qian (Octogenarians and the 90s) will be playing volunteers who undergo gruelling training to become professional humanitarian field workers who are able to conduct rescue missions in the air and at sea.

Luo Ben (Luo Yunxi) is a lawyer (ha – He Yichen was also a lawyer) who joins the group of volunteers to search for his sister. While there, he meets doctor Zhan Yan (Wu Qian), an acquaintance with whom he has a frosty relationship. They get to know each other better while working in the same rescue team, and a romance eventually blossoms.

Directed by Zhang Tong (You Are My Hero), the 40 episode drama began filming today.

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