Round-up of new dramas in production: July 1st, 2021

Brotherhood of Blades concept poster

A round-up of dramas that have just started filming, mostly rom-coms and xianxia romances,  without their own posts yet.  Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

Brotherhood of Blades: Shadow of the Lands 绣春刀·山河之影 (lit.)
Cast: Zhang Yunlong, Sun Yi, Chen Ruoxuan
Executive producer: Lu Yang
Directors: Li Yi, Cao Hua
Screenwriters: Li Yi, Xu Yiliang (Princess Jieyou)
The first drama from Lu Yang’s Brotherhood of Blades universe, it’ll cover the founding of the Ming dynasty and the formation of the jinyiwei.

Fate of Stupa 浮图缘 (lit.)
Cast: Dylan Wang Hedi, Chen Yuqi, Peter Ho, Geng Le
Director: Wu Qiang (Miss Crow With Mr. Lizard)
Revolves around the romance between Xiao Duo, the powerful head eunuch (uncastrated) and Bu Yinlou, the concubine of the previous emperor.

Mr. Not-Quite-Right 郎君不如意 (lit.)
Cast: Wu Xuanyi, Chen Zheyuan
Director: Cheng Feng (The Great Ruler)
Screenwriters: Chu Chu (The Legend of Xiao Chuo), Li Zhao (Guilty of Mind)
Based on the novel Go Princess Go 2 by Xiancheng, the drama will focus on the marriage between the princess Qi Pa and the King of the Demons. Desperate to escape, Qi Pa finds out that their romance will only end when she meets four monks who are travelling west.

Ju Jingyi as Wei Zhi

Hua Rong 花戎 (lit. Flower Weapon)
Cast: Ju Jingyi, Guo Junchen
Director: Hu Yijuan (The King of Blaze)
Screenwriter: Qian Jue (Goodbye My Princess)
The romance between the reincarnation of the world’s first phoenix who is determined to become a deity, and the son of the Heavenly emperor.

Chong Zi 重紫
Cast: Yang Chaoyue, Xu Zhengxi
Director: Liu Guohui (Explore With the Note)
Screenwriter: Tang Qicen (Hot-Blooded Youth)
Teacher-disciple romance. The original novel’s storyline is very similar to The Journey of Flower.

Zi Chuan 紫川
Cast: Yang Xuwen, Liu Yuning
Director: Jin Sha (The Great Craftsman)
Screenwriters: Qian Jingjing, Xu Ziyuan, Cheng Tingyu (Sweet Dreams)

Chronicles the rise of a clan as they seek to unify the warring factions and defeat the demons.

Angelababy x Lai Guanlin

Love The Way You Are 爱情应该有的样子
Cast: Angelababy, Lai Guanlin
Director: Yu Zhongzhong (Go Go Squid 2, Love Is Sweet)
Screenwriter: Li Jingling (Legend of Awakening)
Remake of Korean drama Something in the Rain.

A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林
Cast: Zhang Binbin, Yu Shuxin
Director: Xu Peishan (Love the Way You Are 身为一个胖子)
Bickering romance between a biology (botany) professor and an ornithologist turned fashion blogger.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 月刊少女
Cast: Shen Yue, Wang Jingxuan, Zeng Keni
Director: Zhong Qing (Please Feel At East, Mr. Ling)
Remake of the Japanese manga of the same name.

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